Why To Use WhatsApp For Business or WhatsApp Business

Trust it; you are also “hooked” on whatsapp. This instant messaging tool – considered by many marketing experts as yet another social network – has revolutionized the way we communicate. And not only on a personal level but also professionally. Still do not use whatsapp for companies or whatsapp business?

One thousand two hundred million users, a figure of true, right? Corresponds to the number of WhatsApp users. A communication channel that has become essential for many people. Thanks to it, we can create groups of friends and family, send photos, videos and documents, locations, and share locations in real-time. It has even become a good work tool and for the attention of professional offices to their clients.

What is WhatsApp Business

However, whatsapp has gone much further and has created what is already known as whatsapp for the empress, whatsapp business. Do you want to improve your company’s customer service? Do you want to offer this a more personalized and closer community manager service? It would help if you used it now. It is a free Android application that can be downloaded in a few minutes and specially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

WhatsApp Business benefits

WhatsApp Business allows the interactions of companies like yours with your clients to be simple, also providing tools to automate, organize and respond quickly to the messages that reach you. It is practically designed and works similarly to WhatsApp Messenger and allows you to send messages, documents and photos in the same way. Imagine combining the use of this tool with your business mobile application! Better service impossible.

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Functions of WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp for companies

As we have mentioned before, its functions are similar to those of the “lifetime” whatsapp but improved for companies. These include creating a company profile to show the most important information such as your address, email and website. Also, a series of statistics to see how many messages were sent, delivered and read successfully. Possibility of using messaging tools to respond quickly to your customers and improve, especially communication with them

As you well know, a good community management service or any other customer service goes through as fluent communication as possible. This whatsapp for companies or whatsapp business allows you to manage doubts about products, offers, and orders and schedule them when Customer Service is unavailable. An automatic message arrives warning is the case with Facebook Business. And even sending informative SMS.

And you still do not use this whatsapp for companies? Incorporate it into your communication and marketing strategy!

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