Three Communication Tips That You Can Immediately Apply in Everyday Life

You can easily improve your communication skills yourself using the following techniques.

1. Keep your mouth slightly open when speaking

“What, leave your mouth open? That’s not right!” you’ll think now. After all, we learned this as children and therefore got into the habit of closing our lips after every sentence when speaking. But when you’re excited, you can only part your lips with a kiss-like smack. Usually followed by a clearly audible gasp. This doesn’t seem confident and so in important conversations it’s smart to keep your mouth slightly open so that your excitement doesn’t lead to either of these two noises and you can breathe in through your mouth in a relaxed manner during a pause in speaking. As soon as you are calmer again, you can of course close your mouth again between each sentence.

2. Pay attention to your breaks

So that you have time to breathe calmly and relaxed, you need regular short breaks when speaking. This also has many other advantages: you give yourself and your listeners time to think and think, you automatically speak slowly and understandably and show appreciation for your conversation partner. Practice your speaking pauses by recording yourself on your phone for a minute. You can also use everyday conversations with colleagues or friends for training – so that you can consciously take effective breaks in important business conversations.

3. Work on your presence

Would you like your point of view to be more noticed and heard more often in discussions? With simple tricks like “angel wings” you can create more presence using just the power of your imagination: Imagine you have huge wings on your back that reach from the ground to well above your head and push your shoulders down. Then you automatically fill a larger space as a personality. You can easily test the effect: Put on your angel wings and walk through a busy train station – bet the other people will make room for you and your big wings?

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