How To Use Two Different WhatsApp Web Accounts From The Desktop

We all know what WhatsApp is and no need for an explanation for it. The messaging app has millions of users all over the world. You can use WhatsApp on your mobile but, as we all know, you can only have a WhatsApp account over the phone, unlike Instagram or Facebook. However, here we will explain how to use two different WhatsApp Web accounts from the desktop.

You can have two Watsapp accounts on the single phone If your mobile phone is with dual SIM. but simultaneously, you will have to change from one to another to talk to some people or others, which becomes quite a disturbance and uncomfortable. This problem can be solved by following the tutorial below as you can unify them on the computer.

Using WhatsApp Web on the PC you can have two different WhatsApp accounts and go answering messages on one side and another Side without changing it on the mobile in an awkward way. For this, you have to open one account in the browser and use an incognito window mode in your browser.

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Follow The Steps Mentioned Below to Open Different Accounts At The Same Time

  • At first, open the WhatsApp Web in the browser just as you do normally.
  • After that open WhatsApp on your Mobile phone, tap on the three-point menu, and then go to Settings and Click on “WhatsApp Web”.
  • After opening you have to scan the QR Code which appears on the screen of your computer with your mobile and so the session of your account will open on the computer and you can answer all your messages.
  • For the second account you will have to repeat the same process, but open the second account in Incognito window because if you open in the next tab of the same window your first account session will be Completed.
  • Then follow the same process by opening in your incognito browser and scan the QR code that appears on the screen with your mobile phone then automatically it will connect to the second different account
  • In this way to use 2 accounts on a single desktop, we have to follow the above steps
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