Trends That Will Impact Data Management In 2021

The exponential growth of data, its governance, and management, along with the ability to analyze and take advantage of it has become one of the main challenges for many companies.

Cloudera experts have analyzed the main challenges and trends that will determine the world of data in 2021 for companies to adapt to the current circumstances:

2021, The Year Of Machine Learning

Companies will continue to grapple with an exponential increase in the amounts of data and the complexities of new technologies. Machine learning will be essential for companies if they want to make the most of these large volumes of information.

In 2021, the ability of a company to trust its model, to the extent that it can produce actions based on information derived from artificial intelligence, will be decisive in its ability to survive.

Safety Will Take Center Stage

Businesses continue to put technology before strategy when it comes to the cloud. There is a great enabling technology, but organizations have not thought about how to use it properly to their advantage.

In 2021, data security and governance will take center stage. Currently, the user imagines the cloud as a profitable and efficient solution, but the governance model is still missing. Next year, there will be a greater approach towards this government of data.

Predicting The Unpredictable

What happened in 2020 will force companies to completely rethink what they design and ask of their machine learning models. The ability of a model to make perfect predictions will be less important than the ability of a structure capable of automatic reflection.

Increased Concern About The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence

Ethical artificial intelligence is going to be critical for the next twelve and twenty-four months. Today, conversations revolve around data anonymity, but the discourse will get deeper. In 2021, ethical artificial intelligence and data governance will be applied to different areas such as contact tracing, connected vehicles, and smart devices, as well as personal digital profiles, with respect to increasing the cyber footprint that leads to privacy questions.

Data Morale Will Be Decisive

Very closely linked to the above, is the concern about the use of data. In 2021 we will see more companies implement data ethics controls in software development.

Emerging Geographies Will Lead To 5G Adoption

This technology has been around for a long time in smartphones, but most people don’t realize that their phone doesn’t actually perform at this capacity. This is because while the smartphone can support 5G, it is useless without a suitable network. Telecommunications providers are beginning to update network technology to support it.

In this 5G infrastructure installation, there is a paradox that emerging geographies will be able to surpass conventional locations next year.

Evolving Power Grids For New Energy Sources

Solar, wind, and batteries are likely to become the biggest sources of energy this decade. In 2021, we will begin to see a shift in the massive networks used today as society will shift towards using more community networks or micro-networks and even individual systems for households. This trend will mean new volumes of data, closer to the consumer, which must be managed.

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