QR Codes For Construction – How Builders Can Leverage This Technology

The advancement of technology in construction has completely taken businesses in this niche to the next level. One of the most exciting innovations is Quick Response codes, also known as QR codes. In construction, there are different levels of difficulties that businesses are exposed to daily.

These difficulties often hinge on safety, delivery, procurement, process management, etc., and many more. QR codes help streamline these processes and minimize the chances of mistakes and mishaps to an almost negligible level.

Many construction businesses use a QR code maker to immediately get the information they need to handle several processes. This technology is easy to understand and can be used to manage and maneuver several construction processes—some of which we will discuss in this article.

Six Ways QR Codes are Used in Construction

1. Access to Essential Information

Workers can often have difficulty in assembling or installing products while on a job site. In this case, QR codes embedded on the products can give the worker all the information needed to get the job done.

When these codes are scanned, all the information relating to the product and the necessary procedure to install or assemble it is made available instantly.

This saves time, prevents mistakes and possible injuries from wrong product installation. In New York, QR codes have been introduced on construction permits. When workers use the free QR code generator, they can get timely and first-hand information about the products, when the permit was issued and any other relevant information needed to get the job done right.

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2. Verification of Equipment Quality

The importance of high-quality equipment in construction cannot be overstressed. Using bad quality tools for jobs could lead to a massive pool of issues, including accidents, reduced durability, and even loss of life, etc., to mention a few.

All products and equipment used in construction must adhere to certain preset guidelines, building codes, and quality standards. Dynamic QR codes on products will validate their production and quality standards and make the workers confident enough to use them.

Different regions in the world have specific building codes on equipment, and all construction companies must adhere to them.

3. Updating Engineering Drawings

Contrary to common opinion, construction processes are not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Engineering drawings are constantly being updated, whether because of changes on the client’s end or just choosing to use a different approach to achieve the set goal.

Whatever the reason for multiple changes is, it’s crucial to the project’s success that all workers on site are abreast of any changes in engineering drawings as they are made. QR codes on engineering drawings make it easy for workers to scan and see the changes on time.

This way, a lot of time is saved, and errors that could arise from miscommunication are avoided. Dynamic QR codes work best for frequently updated drawings as this enables workers to see changes in real-time. For an efficient work environment and process, this innovation should be used daily.

4. Reviewing Workers’ Credibility

Nothing spells an impending mishap in a construction site more than inexperienced and unqualified workers. Depending on the kind of work being done, workers need specific training to handle certain processes.

For example, during road construction, the workers handling excavation will surely be different from those handling asphalt paving. Failing to verify the training of your workers can lead to time wastage, hiring the wrong workers, which could cause a mirage of more significant problems.

When QR codes are placed on workers’ tags or badges, they will give access to comprehensive information on their qualifications, experience, authorization to handle specific equipment, and any other information that may be needed.

Construction companies can also update this information as their workers gain more qualifications and certifications. That’s the beauty of QR codes, they’re dynamic, timely, and very easy to use.

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5. Employee Management

There is no reason why workers should still fill in timesheets of how long they’ve worked the traditional way. With the exciting technological advancements in construction, workers do not have to fill in this information manually.

Manufacturers can place QR codes at the job site entrance or at an accessible fixed location where workers can quickly scan the codes with their phones to mark their arrival. Using QR codes can also help accounting track workers’ times and hours faster and more efficiently.

Having a free QR code generator can also help with asset tracking and management. When these codes are attached to equipment, workers can quickly scan for the equipment they need, and the information is communicated immediately with inventory/management.

This way, mishaps, and theft can be avoided when equipment location and usage are always known, thanks to dynamic QR codes.

6. Better Customer Service

For professionals in construction, having QR codes on products helps consumers get all the information they need about a product.

This includes its usage and other technical information they might need. What’s more? Manufacturers can link QR codes to helpful FAQs, videos, and DIY tips that users might find very helpful. Also, this simple act can save customer service a lot of valuable hours that would’ve otherwise been used to answer mundane and straightforward questions.

Giving your users access to the information they might need before they even realize they need them is always a brilliant idea for any manufacturer.

Construction is a very tasking, complex and dynamic industry. Any innovation that would streamline processes, save time, reduce the possibility of accidents and maximize profits is always welcomed. This is what QR codes bring to the industry.

One can only imagine how hard it was to work in construction and manage the endless stream of processes using only traditional methods a decade ago. With growth comes innovation and, ultimately, a more efficient industry.

When processes are aligned, communication is smooth, and inventory is well-managed, work will be done faster and more efficiently. QR codes have a straightforward technology that anyone can understand and appreciate even with minimal training. You can get a QR code generator free in no time and start using this exciting innovation to your benefit on your site today.

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