Office Space: Technology In The Office

The term office technology includes electronic work equipment that can perform office technology work. These technical devices have laptops, monitors, webcams, mice, and keyboards. Fax machines, intercom systems, and answering machines are used for correspondence and communication. Today’s printers are multifunctional devices and can fax, scan, print, and copy.

The workplace

The technical devices provide the employees with the best possible conditions for work. You cannot work without a computer. When buying a laptop, attention should be paid to high quality. The quality is not only decisive for longevity but also for ergonomics. A computer screen should be movable. This avoids back pain and incorrect sitting. Depending on the company, essential programs need to be installed on the computer.

These critical programs include virus scanners and internal programs. To be able to use the computer properly, a fast internet connection is an advantage. To guarantee internal and external communication, it is essential to have your telephone at the workplace. This avoids long waiting times. Forwarding to a cell phone or a private connection is possible. The phone should have an intercom system and an answering machine. A keyboard and mouse are also required. A webcam and laptop can also be used. The laptop can be used as a second screen by connecting it to the computer.

More office technology

Multifunctional printers are being used as additional office technology for the entire office, such as laser or inkjet printers. A laser printer impresses with its speed and durability. This prints with the laser even with regular paper with very high quality. When printing photos, however, the quality deteriorates. This printer consumes more electricity than an inkjet printer. An inkjet printer is recommended if you print infrequently. However, the ink cartridges dry up quickly when not in use. They should be used regularly and are therefore not suitable for very few offices.

The advantage of the inkjet printer is that the print quality of photos on the special paper is also very high. Laminating devices, document shredders, projectors, and a whiteboard are also used as office technology. The projector is particularly popular at seminars, lectures, and conferences. This is now a standard in office technology. After connecting to the computer, videos, sounds and pictures can be played back in high quality. A projector is easy to transport and can therefore be used very flexibly.


The bottom line of office technology is that it should be up to date to use it effectively and meaningfully. Digitization can be advanced with the latest office technology, and a paperless office can be made possible. With the help of office technology, the amount of office work involved is minimized.

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