Cybersecurity – Why Is It Important?

For some time now, the concept of cybersecurity has been ringing strongly, especially in business environments. And it is that, at present, few are the things that are not digitized. We live in a world where everything is connected and our personal and work privacy is in the cloud.

The BIG DATA sends the information from one place to another under established security parameters, but are we as protected as we think?

Cybersecurity features

Currently, remote work and technological systems have become our greatest allies. Online data storage platforms are our best guarantee.

Therefore, in the same way, that we pay attention to insert armored doors in our homes, to make sure that we lock the car when parking and to place our wallets strategically so as not to be susceptible to theft, we must take care of the security of our data in Cloud.

With digital advancement, new needs have appeared. For this reason, at present, there is a concept that is very booming: cybersecurity.

On many occasions, we have heard how a hacker has entered a company’s system and has stolen or manipulated information. And this, without a doubt, is a nuisance for companies.

And it is that security must always be the main objective. You have to watch the privacy of data and information. A security error of this magnitude can have serious productive and economic consequences.

But when we talk about security in companies, we are actually talking about industrial cybersecurity.

Industrial cybersecurity

Cybersecurity issues in industry extend from the sensor level to all plant work processes and procedures.

Every aspect must be taken into account from start to finish.

When we talk about industrial cybersecurity we refer to the set of practices, processes, and technologies that are designed to manage the risk of cyberspace derived from the use, processing, storage, and transmission of information used in the industry, using the perspectives of people, processes, and technologies.

As its name suggests, cybersecurity is essential in Industry 4.0.

It is necessary to protect the integration, confidentiality, and availability of the information. And for this, it is necessary to keep systems safe with security measures that help prevent companies from being exposed to great risks.

For all this to be possible and to be carried out optimally, companies must have a culture of cybersecurity.

IT and OT cybersecurity

At present, and with all the technological advancements that we live in, IT and OT need to be connected continuously. In other words, the networks that connect transactional systems (IT) and operations control networks (OT) need to share information between them. Many times this connection must be in real-time and must even be accessible from outside the company in which these technological networks are inserted.

All these facilities and remote connections provide many facilities to companies since they can manage any action or unforeseen event without having to be on-site, but it can also cause many problems if measures are not adopted to ensure that the transit and/or sharing of information is held securely.

Cybersecurity: How to avoid cyber-attacks?

It is clear that nobody lives with their hands up waiting for them to enter their computer systems and steal information. But, although cyberattacks cannot always be avoided, companies and individuals can carry out a series of practices to prevent them. These are some of them.

  • Safety culture in the company
  • List of cyber risks
  • Device protection
  • Goodbye to recurring passwords
  • Security protocols

Safety culture in the company

Sometimes, we turn to hardware and software as causes or saviors of attacks, but these elements are not only the ones to be taken into account. It is very important to have a culture of safety in the company.

It is essential that all the people who make up the company comply with security standards and protocols. It is simply to take into account the importance of the practices that are carried out and to optimally manage the information systems that are used.

List of cyber risks

Being alert and prepared for any negative aspects that may arise is always a plus. Therefore, make a list of all the computer security risks that exist in the company to anticipate any attacks and vulnerabilities and know what would happen if any information were public. Knowing the risks more closely will make us be more cautious.

Device protection

There is no doubt that one of the main factors to avoid cyberattacks is protection. Therefore, all electronic devices, computers, mobiles, etc. have to be protected by completely up-to-date firewalls and antivirus.

Don’t use recurring passwords

Goodbye to QWERTY – 123456 – 654321 and other common password combinations to protect computers. We must be aware that we are dealing with important and sensitive information. Passwords should be created that are truly protective and that only a small group of people know. And if they can be prevented from containing personal data, so much the better. Otherwise, they will be vulnerable to theft.

Security protocols

Making backup copies is an action that must be recorded in our minds. It is essential to do them continuously so as not to lose anything and also to do some on external sources, such as DVDs, hard drives, tapes, etc.

As we can see, there are many ways in which our data can be attacked, but there are also many ways to avoid it. You should not panic, just keep in mind some guidelines to get the job done the way we deserve: free from cyberattacks.

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