How To Have More Followers On Your Instagram Account

Instagram and the fight for likes drag us all to seek followers like crazy. If you have decided to start and use Instagram as an online store or showcase to publicize your brand, your search for followers on Instagram is even more critical.

In addition, Instagram is making it more and more difficult for us, and it gets a bit inconsistent when it comes to displaying our publications. Nobody guarantees that by having your profile open or using hashtags, you will reach your target audience. That is why we inevitably make an extra effort when looking for new followers for your Instagram profile.

Know that mean? That now Instagram is going to show the publications taking into account all these relevant factors :

  • Your post has been saved
  • That they have shared your post
  • That they have commented on your post
  • That they have ‘liked’ your publication

And, if all this has not happened, what happens? Well, the publications of your Instagram account will reach a minimum number of people. So, roll up your sleeves because you will have to do fieldwork.

Another thing that you have to consider, in addition to these requirements of the new Instagram algorithm, is that to receive notifications of the publications of the funds you follow, you have to have them active. By default, Instagram has them deactivated, and it is possible that you are missing a lot of content, just like your followers are missing a lot of your content without knowing it.

How are Instagram notifications activated? Every time you enter the profile of one of your favorite accounts, remember to click on the bell that you will find at the top right. There you can select if you want to receive notifications from that account when it publishes in its feed, a story on IGTV, or live videos.

Many brands are announcing it in their stories so that their followers activate the notifications of that account. Why don’t you try doing the same?

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How to find new followers on Instagram

Now that we have understood a little better what the goings-on on Instagram is, let’s go back to the topic we were dealing with: how to find followers for your account? From now on, we tell you that it is fieldwork and that there are two keys: constancy and reciprocity.

Do a daily job in search of the following by following

Yes, we know. The follow- by- follow concept is not very pretty, but we will not fool ourselves… it is the order of the day, and it is the first step in building your community on Instagram.

Of course, try to do it with a bit of head. Look for brands similar to yours or look for profiles that really interest you and to which you can also add something of value. Hit ‘follow’ and wait to see if you have the same luck.

It’s a bit ugly that you randomly follow profiles just looking for one more follower back and that, once you’ve succeeded, you automatically stop following that account. That’s why the healthiest thing is that you follow only the reports that you want to follow.

If you want to grow in followers, think that this is a daily job, especially if you want your brand, be it personal or product, to have visibility and growth on Instagram. Try to reach about 15 new accounts each day and wait for the results. It is, without a doubt, one of the best methods if you want to have more followers on Instagram.

Sign up for community initiatives on Instagram

We have already talked about the peculiarities of the Instagram algorithm (obviously looking for paid campaigns). Many people initiate community actions on this social network to “cheat” the algorithm. Among these actions, there are two that are the ones that have achieved the most supporters:

  • Whoever starts the chain shares a story on their profile and puts something like: “If you react to this photo, I will publish the picture of your profile that I like the most in my stories. “From there, a series of accounts linked to all those profiles that have interacted with the initial publication begin to happen. If you want to have visibility, an excellent way to get followers for your Instagram account is to participate in one of these chains.
  • Someone starts a chain the same way as in the previous case, but this time by private message. In that message, they have added a list of 10 Instagram accounts. You have to start following those ten accounts and send that message to 10 other people, but you will have to replace the last account on the list with your own.

Run an ad campaign

If all of the above fails, perhaps the time has come to give up on Instagram beforehand and try running a paid campaign. You don’t have to invest a lot for a first test. Take advantage of a particular publication or something you are interested in impacting your future clients.

The most important thing is that, if you want to find new followers, select the filters of who you want that ad to be shown and who not. That is, do not impact Instagram users who already follow you and take advantage of the large or small budget that you have allocated to your campaign to make yourself known only to new accounts. Yes, it seems obvious, but we often forget and spend our budget without getting the number of new followers that we had proposed.

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Four basics to take care of your Instagram

In addition to everything we just told you, there are the four most basic Instagram basics. We have saved them for last because we know you already know them, but it never hurts to remember them.

Keep in mind that Instagram users are very critical. That is, if you want to get followers for your account, you will have to do it minimally:

  • Use relevant and appropriate hashtags for your sector. First, analyze what hashtags other accounts like yours are using, and don’t forget to include at least 10 per post.
  • Take good care of the images and videos in your feed. That Julio Iglesias meme and the blurry videos of last night’s party, better for Stories. Some profiles are actual works of art; they play with colors and even with compositions of several photos to form a single image.
  • Follow relevant accounts based on your interests. Competition can sometimes be your best synergy. Nothing happens because you include among your follower’s other accounts that do the same as you, even that you interact with them. Who knows, maybe some cool collaborations can come up.
  • Write something interesting accompanying your photo. Yes, Instagram is a visual social network, but the people who will “like” your post or comment on it and hopefully share it are human. It is worth taking a moment to write something interesting to accompany the image or video. Empathy is the best ally.

You already know that not all Instagram accounts are the same. We have told you some actions to get more followers, but the best thing is to find the ones that best suit your sector or business.

Don’t miss this Instagram content guide to find out the most successful posts and what you shouldn’t post to your account. Surely these guidelines will also help you to retain your new followers.

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