Instagram: This Is Behind The Follower Hunt

Instagram is a free online service from 2010. But now the former app has been used by users to upload and share their pictures and has become a huge business. With the takeover by Facebook, Instagram is one of the largest social networks worldwide, along with Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp. But how does it work that you can make real money with Instagram and how can you increase the number of your followers and how do the followers affect earnings? We take a closer look at the cheap vk followers service.

Occupational Group Influencers

That some “Instagramers” gain an almost eerie level of awareness in a very short time, without seemingly really doing anything for it. But it is not as easy as it seems as an influencer to make a living. To understand this, you should look at what is behind Instagram and what makes Instagram tick. The page followerpro deals with the topic of all about followers on Instagram and Co. and with the question of how to drive the numbers up. You can also buy Instagram likes from followerpro. However, whether you invest or try to become better known is up to you.

An Algorithm Under Closer Examination

The fact that there is an algorithm behind Instagram after the user’s posts are displayed shouldn’t be a secret. There is an opportunity for one In order to keep his followers in the memory as possible and to increase the level of awareness, influencers or all users who want to reach as many people as possible with Instagram should use the following things:

  • If you know the usage times of your followers and know when they can be reached online, then you should put your new posts online especially in this time window.
  • The post should not only provide short attention, but encourage the user or follower to spend some time in the post or post.
  • You should use Instagram analysis tools to get an accurate picture of your followers and their habits.
  • You should always arouse the interest of your followers again and again, because if a user simply clicks away certain posts
    instead of looking at them, you drop in the ranking.
  • You should build a relationship with your “fans”, that is, the more you act with them, the higher up and more often your own posts will be shown.
  • If you combine several similar images in one post, you can extend the length of stay.
  • You should encourage users to leave a comment or a like, so the bond is strengthened and this has a positive effect again.


If you want to understand the algorithm behind Instagram, then you should be familiar with analysis tools and it takes a certain amount of time to get an overview. To say that influencers earn their money by “doing nothing” is therefore not quite right. At the end of the day, everyone should decide for themselves whether to buy likes or develop them themselves.

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