Benefits Of Using A Strong VPN App

If you have a business, someone may have already recommended a VPN connection. Are you looking for information about it? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! Today we will clarify what a VPN is and we will talk about its advantages for all types of businesses.

What Is Mean By VPN And What Is It For?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, which we could translate as a Virtual Private Network. Its name already indicates what is the main characteristic of this type of network – privacy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a change in customs that goes beyond frequent hand washing or the use of a mask. There are many habits that have changed in the population, also at the level of work and leisure and, consequently, on the internet. Telecommuting is here to stay. Confinement has forced workers and companies to reinvent many methods, but also at home, the way of consuming leisure has exploded (social networks, streaming television …), which has led to the rise of an increasingly on everyone’s lips: the VPN connection. Its use was more limited to business, but the general public has discovered its great advantages, as well as its versatility.

There is now a greater awareness of network security. Companies increasingly use this type of connection to establish a secure line with the worker who carries out his task from his home, but also in the field of leisure there is a spectacular increase due to the advantages that it entails. And it is that the benefits of using the VPN are many. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or virtual private network. When it comes to telecommuting, using this connection reduces the risk dramatically because, unlike a routine connection, it is encrypted and access is protected.

Benefits Of Using A Strong VPN

The main advantage of using a VPN is that it allows us to enjoy a network connection with all the characteristics of the private network that we want to access. The VPN client fully acquires the status of members of that network, with which all the security guidelines and the permissions of a computer in that private network are applied. This way you can access the information published for that private network: databases, internal documents, etc. through public access. At that time, all Internet access connections from the VPN client computer will be carried out with the resources and connections that the private network has.

Surf And Download Anonymously

A VPN allows you to surf anonymously and to download anonymous because your real IP address is never made public – only the IP address of the VPN server, you connect through the, is visible.

In order to really maintain anonymity, it is important that you choose a VPN provider that does not collect log files. Otherwise, it would theoretically be possible for the VPN provider to pass on your data, for example, if a government agency requests it.

If you want to push anonymity a bit further, we also recommend that you pay for your VPN via Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. With numerous providers (including Shellfire) this is now possible without major difficulties. You then also have the option of maintaining your anonymity when registering and paying for your VPN subscription.

Greater Intimacy

Connecting to the internet through a VPN connection protects privacy and anonymity. Whether from a computer or from a mobile device, the user can navigate in peace knowing that they are not going to steal data, track, be a victim of malware or phishing, and even get rid of annoying ads. Even in public WiFi connections, the VPN proves to be the best way to connect, since it protects the user. Thus, by routing absolutely all internet traffic, it works in all applications. The VPN connection can be ‘switched on’ and ‘switched off’ whenever the user wants, thus guaranteeing that they can use it only when they feel like it or need it.

Establish A Secure Connection To The Internet

Public WiFi networks are more dangerous than you imagine. Regardless of whether at the airport, in the hotel, or in the café next door – even less talented hackers are generally able to spy on sensitive data from users of public WLAN networks.

When you connect to the Internet via VPN, your data is encrypted and hackers have no chance of getting sensitive information such as credit card information.

A VPN Improves Privacy And Security In Public Networks

The advantage of a VPN is the encrypted data traffic in the network. The VPN software encrypts all requests from your computer, smartphone, or tablet and sends them to the VPN server. This decrypts the request and sends it to the website you requested. Neither the Internet provider nor any other person in the network can view or evaluate the data.

A VPN Changes The Country Of Origin

Good VPN providers have numerous servers in different countries. If you connect to one of these servers, your requests look like requests from the country of origin of the VPN server. If a website limits your offer to this country of origin, you can also use the offer. The VPN server thus circumvents the geographical limitation.

A VPN Prevents Evaluations Of The Traffic Data

Internet providers can evaluate all data traffic as well as all requests from their customers. This is required for traffic management, for example, but can also be misused for advertising purposes. Traffic for certain services can also be deprioritized or even deliberately slowed down. Data via a VPN is simply encrypted data for the provider. Content and origin remain unknown to the provider.

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