5 Reasons Why Motorcycle Communication Systems Are Important

If you’re riding around on a motorcycle without a reliable communication system, think again. Having a way to talk to the outside world can come in handy in more ways than one when you’re cruising along the open road. Many people think that talking while riding isn’t safe, but that’s not exactly true. A motorcycle intercom can help you navigate the road without being a distraction. You can also use this device to coordinate with your fellow riders and loved ones or to call for help in an emergency without physically reaching for your phone.

Learn why it’s so important to use a Bluetooth motorcycle headset on and off the road.

Navigation and Coordination

Let’s face it: Navigating the road isn’t what it used to be. Many of us have become accustomed to using our GPS practically every time we leave the local community. Studies show more than 100 million cars have navigation systems. Motorcycle riders need help navigating the road as well. You can mount your cellphone on your motorcycle so that it is near your line of sight without obstructing your view of the road, but you shouldn’t have to look down every time you need to check the directions. You also won’t be able to hear the automated voice over the sound of your engine.


Instead of fussing with your GPS, use Bluetooth motorcycle speakers to get updates every step of the way. You will be able to hear the directions, so you don’t have to look down at your device when it’s time to change course.

Practice and Training

Learning how to ride a motorcycle isn’t like riding a bike. These machines can be incredibly complex, and lots of new riders need help when they first get on the road. If you’re new to riding or know someone that’s interested in learning, you can use a communication system to learn the ropes as you drive in real-time. Experts say it usually takes between three to five days of practice to learn how to ride.

Partner with a more experienced rider that can give you tips along the way. Once you’ve learned the basics, hit the road with your companion and your intercoms attached. If you run into trouble or have any questions, they will be there to guide you through the situation. You shouldn’t have to go through this experience alone.

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Traveling as a Group

Riding a motorcycle is almost always more fun when you’re in a group. You can look out for each other as you enjoy the thrill of exploring the open road. But you won’t be able to communicate with one another unless you have the proper equipment. Everyone in the group will need to wear a Bluetooth communication device. This creates a chain between each of the riders. Use a system with dynamic mesh communication (DMC) to create a more secure connection between each member of the group. This way, the chain won’t break when someone leaves.

Once everyone is online and connected to the same device, you can start talking to each other in real-time without taking your eyes off the road. This makes it much easier to coordinate your route as a group. If someone needs to stop, they can give the other riders a head’s up.

Calling for Help in an Emergency

Studies show you are much more likely to get into an accident when riding a motorcycle compared to a car or truck. Even the most experienced riders in the world can get into accidents from time to time.

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know how scary it can be. The bike may crush one of your legs if you fall to one side, making it difficult to move. You may be unable to reach for your phone if you are injured or unconscious. But you don’t have to worry about physically calling for help when you have a wireless communication system. You can use your voice to call for help or your loved ones in an emergency. Some apps and devices will automatically contact the authorities in the event of an accident. You can rest assured help is on the way, even if you can’t call 911 yourself.


Staying Focused on the Road

No one should drive while looking at their phone unless it is mounted in the proper location, but the urge to respond to text messages and calls will always be there. With a wireless communication system, you can easily access many of the features of your phone without taking your eyes off the road.

That doesn’t mean you should start answering emails or chatting about what you’re going to have for dinner while riding a motorcycle, but you can use this device to stay connected to those who matter most. This is much easier and safer than pulling over to the side of the road and taking your phone out of your pocket.

Make sure your motorcycle intercom is compatible with your helmet make and model. The speaker should clip to the helmet, so you can speak into the intercom. If you have a half-helmet, use a half helmet Bluetooth headset with an attachable boom microphone to speak into the device.

Find the right device for your bike today to discover the joys of riding a motorcycle with a communication system.

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