Your Website Has To Be Able To Do This – Website Optimization With Simple Means

Good salespeople are the secret to successful businesses. In today’s online world, websites are front and center sales. A website can be motivated to perform at its best with simple means.

It represents your brand, your spirit and your offer. Most of the time, the website is the first face that the potential customer sees. Websites are perceived like people. Anyone who does not communicate in a friendly, trustworthy and professional manner here leaves a bad impression on the customer.

1. “It looks nice!”

Lint, stains and a badly fitting suit – that doesn’t go down well. Clothes make the man. The first impression quickly becomes the last. In our eyes, those who appear clean, neat and neatly dressed are more intelligent and more productive. An attractive web design with colors, shapes and images matched to the offer is a necessary prerequisite for website success. Unfortunately, our consulting practice shows that things go wrong if savings are made in the wrong place in the design and work with on-board resources. So-called “themes” for content management systems promise a solution. These are outfits put together by professionals that are sold as a complete package. But even then, a good hand is required to properly stage the wearer. Better, But going to an agency or a web designer is also significantly expensive. Here the specialist takes care of the design. However, if you have some complicated requirements, or have a large web design project on your mind, a specialist might not be enough to get the results that you want. In that case, you should consider going with a web design company in Miami that is ready to fulfil all your needs and deliver exceptional results.

2. “Such a nice guy!”

You’ve probably already bought a product because the seller was so damn charismatic. Admit it! Charismatic salespeople cast a spell over your customers. Pale appearances without charisma, on the other hand, have a hard time attracting customers. Faces of people generate emotions and are important anchors for sympathy and trust on websites. The more authentic such photos, the stronger they appear. Stock images with models from image databases are therefore not a good choice. They are cheaper than your own photos, but they look like sample images and placeholders.

3. “That sounds good”

Success in sales takes more than a few salespeople. Truncated phrases like “Our competent team” or “Our satisfied employees” don’t help. In sales, communication must be clear and with convincing content. The customer would also like to be specifically addressed with his advantages on websites. Instead of a long list of product features, you should get to the heart of the customer benefits. It’s not about the technically best product, but the one with the greatest value for the customer.

4. “Oh what! So easy?”

“Thinking is not our brain’s favorite thing to do,” says the renowned brain researcher firmly. A sales representative who relieves his customers of thought processes supports the energy-saving mode – this is how customers feel good. Your digital seller should therefore avoid complicated structures and overloaded areas. The easier it is to record content and the more intuitive the website is, the better. Good advice from web designers is “Don’t make me think”. Every point where your potential customer has to think can be optimized.

5. “He knows exactly what it’s about!”

The better the sales team is able to put themselves in the customer’s shoes, the higher their completion rates will be. The view from the customer’s glasses allows a better understanding of the individual needs and facilitates a positive, customer-oriented attitude. At the website level, the problems usually start with the navigation. Not only does it seem overloaded with too many menu items – according to recent studies, no more than four selection options are recommended here – but the navigation often consists of generic entries such as products, services and contact. Does that correspond to the mindset of the customer? Hardly likely. Customized navigation focuses on the customer’s problem world.

For example, on the fitness trainer’s website, it could read: Strength, Muscle Mass, Endurance, and Weight Loss. A meaningful visual language that supports the argument makes it even more relevant for the visitor. Imagine a well-trained fitness trainer who sweats with his client. The text: “Benefit from the certified specialist knowledge of our personal trainers, who motivate you to push yourself to your limits.”

6. “He really knows his way around”

A salesperson who leaves questions unanswered, is taciturn and quickly withdraws, has the wrong job. Websites are there to provide the visitor with comprehensive information about products and services. This is the only way to make a decision on what to buy. If you skimp on texts, pictures or videos – i.e. important information – this tempts the visitor to leave the website and look elsewhere for information. Content-free websites are always preceded by the alleged argument that this must be the case in a world dominated by smartphones. Not much fit on the small displays anyway. Not even close! On the one hand, you are putting your mobile website visitors at a disadvantage if only a website that is thinned out in terms of content is presented. On the other hand, a lot of content and text can be placed on websites without overwhelming the visitor. Not on one screen, but on several. And scrolling has finally come back into fashion.

7. “Where do I have to sign?”

A good salesperson takes his customers by the hand. He confidently guides you through the sales process and does not leave you to your fate. Imagine: A granny stands alone in front of a shelf, nobody helps her, nobody advises her. What would be unthinkable in the real world is unfortunately still part of everyday life in the digital world: websites remain as passive as brochures and leave their customers on their own. What a shame, because interaction is one of the strengths of the Internet. So set strong click incentives. No page may go online without a call to action.

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