Why Do We Avoid Watching Cable TV Ads?

One of the most common and joyous activities when it comes to spending quality time with friends and family is watching cable TV. It is one of our favorite things to do on a weekend night, when the family gathers in front of the TV screen and watch their favorite show, sharing some good laughs and not to forget those interesting chit-chats regarding the show later on. One thing that does annoy us is the bothering commercial breaks. Just when you are indulged in the show completely and in the middle of an important plot or scene, you are interrupted by an annoying series of never-ending commercials. The whole excitement and thrill are suddenly lost and you wish you could escape it. So here is the thing. Commercials are a main source of revenue for all the cable channels in addition to the cable TV subscriptions. There are certain perks you enjoy if you have subscribed to a high-quality internet service provider. For instance, if you have a CenturyLink subscription, you always have the peace of mind of getting instant support and assistance whenever needed. All you have to do is contact CenturyLink customer service and resolve any problem you might be facing.

However, if you want to escape the ads, then you can do so by subscribing to any of the streaming services available. Here are some of the top picks for you:


Hulu is a popular streaming platform to enjoy TV entertainment for all the right reasons. It is affordable and has high-quality content at a very affordable monthly cost. You can easily access the Hulu library to access the content whenever you want. In case you are looking for ways to avoid ads, you should consider the hassle-free Hulu plans, to let you enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Sling TV

For TV fanatics who love catching up with all their favorite shows, it is a nightmare to be interrupted by ads. You do not want to interrupt a thrilling scene with commercials. So save all the excitement with Sling TV where you do not have to worry about any commercial invasion. It offers a DVR service to the providers where you can skip the ads and fast-forward the recorded programs. The DVR service is free of cost and comes with limited storage of 10 hours. In case you want extra storage, you can pay around 5 dollars for enjoying storage up to 50 hours per month.


Another attractive alternate solution to enjoying commercial-free TV entertainment is Netflix. Another big advantage of Netflix is its original series that are always a big hype among the individuals. The Netflix originals show cover a vast variety of shows and you can watch them whenever you want and wherever you want. This year Netflix launched the Netflix party feature, amidst the global pandemic. So you can enjoy all your much-anticipated shows with your friends and family while observing social distancing.


YouTube is also compulsory to mention when it comes to generating unique content. YouTube has always managed to offer something new to the audience. Even if you do not have a cable TV or satellite subscription, YouTube provides you the platform to access the content. YouTube has a massive library where you can find all sorts of shows and movies. You can find a massive amount of content on YouTube that can be accessed free of cost. It also offers paid subscriptions for those who want YouTube Premium access. You can also watch YouTube originals along with YouTube music.


Indulge in the joy of watching nonstop content without any commercial interruptions with DirecTV. With its DVR service, you can fast-forward the ads and jump to the content you want to watch. It is a very preferable option to consider and save a considerable amount of money at the same time.

Wrapping Up

Cable providers have many sources of revenue but advertisements are one of the primary streams of their income. To avoid commercials ruining your TV watching experience and killing the excitement, you can switch to the aforementioned streaming services and not just avoid ads, but also enjoy watching your favorite content at more affordable rates.

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