Online Payment: A Genuine Conversion Weapon For E-merchants

The payment solutions offered to online shoppers are now increasingly decisive in optimizing sales.

internet sales increased by nearly 25% in the second quarter and generated some 32.4 billion euros in purchases

Suppose the price and delivery choices are still decisive factors in the eyes of consumers. In that case, the payment options offered by merchant sites are now increasingly important when validating their shopping cart online.

Online payment methods are on the rise

Although payment by bank card remains the majority, the French also use increasingly varied online payment methods.

Electronic payment solutions (PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.) now attract 40% of buyers, added gift cards, spread payment cards, transfers, etc.

More than half of cyber shoppers now use several means of payment, with an average of 2 different standards per cyber shoppers.

CSP + (68%) and 15-34-year-olds (66%) are more likely to use several means of payment than the average of online shoppers (59%).

If the payment by credit card dominates whatever the amount, this solution tends to decrease in favor of others, such as direct debit or charge in several installments when the purchase is more significant (more than € 250 ).

Electronic payment solutions are preferred for small amounts (less than € 30) than large quantities.

Payment solutions as a conversion engine

In this context, merchant sites can no longer be satisfied with a simple form of payment by bank card if they want to meet the new expectations of their customers and not lose sales.

Payment providers have understood this issue well and now offer almost endless solutions to adapt to demand.

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