What Will AI Bring Us In 2021? These Are The Main Predictions

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most recurrent trends with each passing year. If we look back, 2020 has been characterized by the acceleration of digital transformation processes at all levels and by the rise of telework, as a direct consequence of the pandemic.

This means that there is a growing need to automate processes, to have safe and agile environments, capable of giving an immediate response to the needs of users. Therefore, AI will play an even more crucial role in 2021, and in the years to follow.

Investment in Artificial Intelligence Solutions will grow above Expectations

A report from PWC indicates that 86% of its respondents say that AI will be mainstream technology in their companies in 2021. Whether it is used to offer better customer service; to help stakeholders make better business decisions, innovate existing products and services, and create new ones; to save on costs; or to increase productivity, most organizations will use AI to gain a competitive advantage.

Just as digitization is increasingly necessary to survive in the marketplace, a company that does not take advantage of AI applications will soon be outmatched. Through artificial intelligence, it can stand out in marketing, for example, and it becomes feasible to analyze all the Big Data that we collect daily, and use it to our benefit.

Hence another key trend for 2021 is born: the need to have all the benefits of AI without having to hire specialists for it.

“AI as a Service” will gain Weight in the Market

Cloud services have as one of their main characteristics and advantages that of being able to have expert personnel without the need to hire them in the company. In other words, once we contract service, we have the expertise of the provider, who will put at our disposal qualified technical personnel at all times.

This implies substantial cost savings and provides the peace of mind of knowing that you are in good hands-on technical and support issues.

The Legislation “anti-Deep fake” will Emerge, Although the Problem will Prevail

The videos Deep fake are one of the toughest quebraderos heads for IA platforms. The basic idea of ​​the Deep fake is to impersonate a person’s face within a video by means of complex processing techniques. Its applications are multiple, but the most popular is to create videos with false content, for example, making a president of a state make a misleading or malicious speech.

These videos are generated thanks to complex machine learning algorithms, and the only way to fight against this is to use powerful AI and ML algorithms, but we must have legislation that accompanies the technology. In this sense, the state of California in the United States approved a bill that makes it illegal to circulate Deep fake videos of politicians during the 60 days following an election. The question is whether this legislation is going to deter the authors and distributors of those videos

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