What To Do If Your Employer Is Taking Advantage Of You?

Nothing makes your job more miserable or harder to commit to than a terrible boss. One that has no issues with overworking their staff and asking unreasonable favors. Sometimes you may feel that you have been asked to go above and beyond your duties and sometimes it is the right thing to do. It is part of being a team player. However, feeling unappreciated or like you are constantly being taken advantage of at work is not part of your job. If you are struggling or stressed, here are a few tips on how to deal with your employer taking advantage of you.

Workplace Lawyers

The world of employment is complex. Disputes can arise in the workplace on lots of different grounds such as termination or unfair dismissal, workplace bullying and harassment as well as contract disputes. It is important to get a reliable lawyer in your local area. Workplace lawyers in Las Vegas have shown that there can be a real success in this area for employees. Lawyers can be essential for you in more than just disputes. They can also let you know your employment rights and obligations so that you can protect yourself and negotiate with your employer.

What does it mean to be taken advantage of?

As an employee, you are expected to perform a certain set of duties that fall within your job description. However, this can lead to your value as an employee being overlooked. Especially if your boss seems indifferent to your contributions. A good boss will be able to motivate you through recognition in both one and one meetings and in group meetings.

When to question your employer?

Overtime– Overtime is something that everyone comes across at one point in their life. Managers can find themselves short-stagged and don’t have the ability or resources to hire more employees. This means that they will lean on you when you are there. If you find that your work nights are regularly eating into your nights and weekends, you need to reclaim those hours.

Personal assistant– Unless this is your job description, then you should never find that you are an assistant to your boss. If you spend the majority of your time fetching your boss lunch and doing extra errands, then you are perhaps being taken advantage of. You should be focussing on building your skills and doing the job you are paid for.

Waiting on that promotion– If you have taken the step to push for that promotion and your manager continuously promises it but never delivers, then they are playing you. They are happy to keep you down as well as take all of the extra efforts you are putting in. Don’t feel like you should wait for them to bring it up. You need to take the first steps.

What to do?

Don’t wait around until your job gets better. You need to take the initiative. Speak to your manager or employer and give them a chance to right their wrongs. If not, then you should perhaps start looking elsewhere for gainful employment.

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