What Is Social Media Management?

More and more companies are now realizing the opportunities and the importance of social media management. If you want to do it right, Facebook and Co. don’t just look after you on the side, but specifically, hire personnel for this area. What exactly a social media manager does and what advantages this can have for a company, we explain in the following article.

The Work Of A Social Media Manager

Social media management encompasses corporate communication in social networks. For this purpose, channels are first set up in the various networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn. The social media manager regularly creates and publishes posts, answers customer inquiries, and contacts the target group. The aim of creating campaigns is to draw attention to the company and to open up a new customer group. Regular analyzes and editorial plans help to optimize the channels and to get a structure in the complex work. Special software and community management tools such as SocialHubhelp to keep track of your own social media channels. For example, all incoming fan inquiries are organized in one inbox and can be answered directly from the tool, feedback from other departments can be obtained via e-mail, and what has already been done can be checked.

That Is Why Companies Benefit From Social Media Management

Social media managers work in an emerging industry. Professional social media management enables companies to achieve various goals: Existing customers and regular customers can be retained through their presence in social networks. Social media work creates the image of a modern company. In addition, the range of company communication and the visibility of products or brands on the net is increased significantly, which has the consequence that the company is better known.

Interacting with customers tells them that they are important and customer satisfaction is the top priority for the company. The company can also respond to questions or problems from customers beyond normal opening hours, thereby offering real added value. A larger target group can be addressed and thus new customers can be won for the company. Since attention is drawn to the products or services, more sales are automatically generated.

Potential employees can also be addressed via social networks. Social media work is also ideal for market research. Surveys and feedback from the channels can help the company to develop and adapt to the needs of customers. If the competition is also represented on social media, it can be easily observed and appropriate measures initiated.

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