What Is Online Banking?

Online banking offers banks that enable you to manage your bank details and transactions over the Internet.

Is online banking safe?

Online banking is pretty safe because the data exchange between customers and banks is always encrypted. In addition, the banks must adhere to requirements that are intended to guarantee security. Still, it can’t hurt to have an antivirus program and a firewall.

The name TAN stands for a transaction number and consists of a six-digit code. This can be requested in several ways, but not all procedures are available from every bank. In addition, the TAN processes offer a certain level of protection, especially the ChipTAN process and the QR-Tan process are classified as very secure.

Which TAN procedures are there?

So if you want to carry out a transaction online, a six-digit code is requested by the program, which is sent to the customer via SMS. This ensures that nobody taps in to the user’s data and, for example, makes transfers in his name. mTAN: This type is also known as “SMS TAN.”

  • ChipTAN: The ChipTAN process requires a so-called TAN generator. The data of a transfer not only has to be entered online but also in a generator. This then uses the chip on the giro card to calculate a TAN, which must be entered into the computer system again.
  • AppTAN: Here, the TAN is issued via an app. This process works with two apps, once via the app for online banking and once an extra app that is only required to generate TAN.
  • To get to the TAN, you first have to enter a password, which you can then use to get to the TAN.
  • PhotoTAN: Either a PhotoTAN device or a PhotoTAN app can be used here.

First, you enter your transfer details on the computer. This then generates a colored graphic, which is scanned with the PhotoTAN and thus authorizes a transaction.

QR-TAN: The QR-TAN works similarly to the PhotoTAN. Here, the data is also entered on the computer to generate a QR code, which can then be scanned using an app.

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