What Are The Specificities Of Enterprise 4.0?

Have you ever heard of Enterprise 4.0? This recent concept is to integrate technological solutions into your business. It improves its efficiency and performance. This is a complete transformation of the company. Would you like to know more? This article invites you to discover the specificities of enterprise 4.0.

Have an Automated Logistics Management

Logistics management is a real challenge for business managers, especially those in the industrial sector. Automation is therefore an imperative for players who wish to make a good place for themselves in their sector of activity. www.shoplogix.com enables manufacturers to unlock latent shop floor potential and accelerate time to value

Indeed, it establishes an interconnection between the different elements of the production chain. This reduces human intervention and limits the risk of error. The production process is less restrictive and faster. Thus, the workers focus on the most important tasks.

Optimize energy and raw material consumption

The preservation of the environment is a global issue. One of the objectives of Enterprise 4.0 is to offer consumers quality goods and services that are reassuring and intelligent. Thus, to produce intelligently, the 4.0 company plays on saving energy and resources.

Indeed, the company uses technological solutions that allow managers to have an overview of the equipment and its operation. This allows them to have total control and optimize consumption.

This is for example the case of home automation where, thanks to applications, you can control the operation of your electronic devices and achieve energy savings. This is also the example of certain companies that offer their customers artificial intelligence tools to reduce their water consumption.

Improving working methods

Traditional working methods have shown their shortcomings. Today, with technological prowess, it is possible to work anywhere. Digitization is a factor that has allowed many companies to transfer some of their activities online: teleworking.

The COVID-19 health crisis has also made it possible to prove that this way of working has many advantages. Indeed, it allows the company to make savings on its real estate charges, to save time and resources.

With Enterprise 4.0, it’s speed and reliability in carrying out daily tasks. It promotes the development of new forms of management such as interim management. The latter is presented as one of the solutions that allow the traditional company to achieve its operational transformation. You can click on this link if you want to start the processes of a 4.0 company.

Anticipate the obsolescence of Production Equipment

Over time, company equipment and software become obsolete and less efficient. By moving to a 4.0 company, you have technological tools capable of analyzing the performance of your machines and predicting their obsolescence.

This is predictive maintenance. It allows you to be one step ahead and protects you from loss of productivity, time and financial resources. As a result, you ensure the continuity of your activities.

Enterprise 4.0 relies on interconnectivity, machine learning and real-time data. Company 4.0 is therefore identified as the company of the future.

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