Discussed Strategic Goals of Enterprise Fleet Management

According to Brice Adamson, a top official at Enterprise Fleet Management, the fleet industry has a major opportunity for growth. As the vice chairman of this company, he is delighted that they can offer transport solutions to about 1.9 million vehicles in different countries around the planet.

Enterprise Fleet Management is also an affiliate of a company called Enterprise Holdings Inc., which offers car rentals. Adamson heads all the operations in both companies. Hence, he is responsible for finding growth opportunities especially now that technology is making everything possible. The services provided by this organization include the following.

  • Car sales
  • Car share and carpooling
  • Truck rentals
  • Exotic car collection
  • Car club etc.

Strategic Goals Of Enterprise Fleet Management

Adamson has been featured in numerous interviews that have been documented. From the excerpts with automotive fleet experts, he reveals a number of strategic goals.

  • Good current business situation – He reveals that the business is doing very well at the moment. He has been with the company for three decades but got the current position of vice chairman just recently. He has witnessed growth in the customer base, services, and use of technology.
  • Presence in every industry – According to Adamson, Enterprise Fleet Management is present in every industry, which he considers very amazing. It is ideal since their current round of asset-backed security has risk spread among all these industries. As he discussed this point, he mentioned that the main industry that they work with is the construction industry.
  • A focus on mid-size fleets – Another strategic goal he mentioned is the provision of technology to midsize fleet companies. These companies need rapid growth, and tapping into the right technology is very crucial according to Adamson. Even if they will not use solutions from this company, they should look for other reliable fleet solution providers. In such a case, visit the web and click for info that will help directly.
  • Key strengths of the company – Adamson continued to say that one of their key strengths is the availability of fleet professionals in their local branches all over their areas of operation, particularly in the US and Canada. They try as much as possible to meet all their customers and discuss their needs. He confirms that both the fleet management operations and the rentals side of their business have been taken to the local markets, which is considered a key strength.
  • Expansion of truck services – The company is looking forward to expanding its truck services. He noted that their main business comes from trucks in the construction industry, and they want to make this area of the business better and better. Whether it is the management of a customer’s trucks or renting out the companies’ vehicles, the aim is to talk with the clients to understand their needs before providing service.

Future Growth of Enterprise Fleet Management

Finally, Adamson stated clearly that there is a significant growth opportunity in the fleet industry. This gives him and the entire company optimism that they will go far by tapping into these opportunities. He looks forward to helping fleet companies to realize their potential.

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