Using The Car As An Advertising Medium: Here’s How

Flyers, banners, advertising posters. And then? There are many other ways to advertise your business offline. Some of these can lead to really important results with a decidedly minimal investment of resources and energy. An example? Simple: you could use your company car or van as an advertising medium. Why, in fact, pay for the rent of advertising space, and overlook the fact that we all have a lot of space ready to be exploited around the city? The bodywork of the car, in fact, puts at our disposal a lot of centimeters in which to display our advertising message!

But where do you start to turn a car into an advertising medium? And in what cases is it necessary to apply for authorization and pay a fee?

Choose the right custom stickers

The first step, of course, is to order and customize the car stickers. We are talking about adhesives specially designed to be applied on vehicle bodies, with customizable sizes and shapes, to be easily glued on sides, doors, hatches, bonnets, and so on, and to resist the sun, atmospheric agents, and so on.

Ordering, personalizing, and applying the personalized stickers on the vehicle chosen for advertising is therefore not particularly difficult. However, it is necessary to understand when permissions are needed and when, instead, it is possible to do without them.

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When no authorizations are needed to advertise with a vehicle

There are mainly two cases in which no authorization is required for the application of advertising stickers on the car. First of all, no authorizations or payments are required in the event that it is the pure indication of the name, company name, address, and logo of the company, provided that this information is not repeated more than twice and that each of these indications does not have an area greater than half a square meter. The owners of vehicles with advertising messages with an area of ​​less than 300 square centimeters do not have to make any requests: a sticker of 30 by 10 centimeters, therefore, does not require any authorization.

In which cases is it necessary to apply for a permit?

When it is necessary to apply for authorization and pay a fee

Authorization for the application of advertising stickers on vehicles is mandatory when these stickers are larger than 300 centimeters and the vehicle is used in a public area. In these cases, in addition to the request for authorization, a fee must be paid, which varies according to the size of the stickers, as well as the size of the municipality. The basic rate for municipalities of less than 10 thousand inhabitants is for example around 11 euros, while that for municipalities with a population of over 500 thousand inhabitants starts at around 17 euros. There are also surcharges for all cases in which the adhesives applied, as a whole, are larger than 5.5 square meters

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