7 Out Of 10 Users Prefer Digital Formats Of Outdoor Advertising

Renew or die, that is the question. For this reason, digital transformation also plays a key role in outdoor advertising. What are the key conclusions?

Digital Outdoor Advertising, The Favorite

Without a doubt, DOOH advertising is synonymous with success. According to respondents, it is more creative and provides more information about the product and brand. Compared to non-digital advertising, 91% of respondents perceive it as modern and innovative.

Other attributes that define this type of advertising among digital users are entertaining (87%), generating additional updated information (86%), practical and useful (85%), and capable of generating curiosity among users (85%).

The most positive thing about all this is that these traits are transversal to all targets and genres. Therefore, it can be said that digital outdoor advertising like Visual Impact Productions has a very positive perception among digital users.

Supports And TOP Contents In DOOH

The ways in which outdoor advertising reaches users are varied. But… which ones have the most impact and are the most remembered?

On the one hand, as far as outdoor communication is concerned, the best-known support is fences and single posts (83%). They are followed by bus stops (82%), other urban transport (80%), and urban furniture (77%). Mainly, they enjoy special recognition among the senior public (45-65 years).

On the other hand, the most popular indoor supports are shopping malls (74%) and stores (72%), especially among senior profiles. Young people, on the other hand, more easily identify advertising in metro stations (55%).

In addition, the study reveals that these supports are effective since 65% carry out some action. When it comes to being influenced by the purchase intention, indoor digital advertising plays a more relevant role (59%) than outdoor (50%).

Beyond supports, content is also important in generating interaction with users. In this sense, respondents are clear about it and highlight promotions and offers as the content that most motivates them to respond, especially through social networks, QR codes, and touch screens.

Personalization, The Key To Success

In short, outdoor advertising is the medium in which the impact of digitization is most radical. The possibilities are multiple, from integrating information from social networks to using augmented reality to generate greater impact.

However, as in other media, personalization is key: 55% of users would be very interested in the content of the advertisement adjusting to their profile. We will have to wait to see if the advertising actors meet this challenge.

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