Voice Commerce – The Future Of Ecommerce

The e – commerce is growing, making it clear that the future of shopping is becoming more digital. The e-commerce reinvents offering new proposals and ideas that are very close to being a reality and unite the physical and the virtual.

Every time, people who buy online are becoming more demanding and more informed, demanding a flexible, practical and, above all, personalized purchase. Personal treatment has become a priority for many and they are not willing to give it up.

What Is Voice Commerce?

The Voice Commerce is trading voice, which is linked to new smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo or attendees voice of portable devices. This pretends that products can be bought with the voice of the users. In addition, it will include diverse and intelligent functions such as allowing queries on the internet and solving simple orders.

The intelligent speaker and voice are becoming essential in the process of buying many consumers. This means that a large part of the brands have to change their strategy and include voice commerce in their future action plan.

Currently, virtual voice assistants and the entire unstoppable world of artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the market, as well as the ways of consuming and the strategies of many entities. This new way of shopping is changing the ways of reaching the target audience.

This concept will not only make brands change their ways of communicating, consumption habits will also change and the market will become more and more competitive at all levels. However, some consumers need time to adapt to the changes, being initially reluctant to some news.

One of the questions that many are asking is, will Voice Commerce be the future?

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The Voice Commerce As A Future Solution

This type of commerce is still in a test and development phase, although it is leading to a revolution in many companies and their marketing strategies . In addition, consumers are adapting perfectly to this change and it can practically be said that it will mean a change in the way of making new decisions and creating other advertising formats .

One of the advantages of this new space is that brands will have to use it as a way to achieve fluid communication with the consumer and not as spam.

Smart Devices Take Trade Using Voice

Voice Commerce will undoubtedly make products appear on devices and consumers can buy them seamlessly with their own voice and instantly. These smart speakers are beginning to show their functions and are being very popular for their ability to control different devices such as computers, smartphones, among other smart devices.

On the one hand, this will change the way of looking for and buying both products and services, these devices being essential for online purchases .

On the other hand, when advertising finally reaches the field of smart speakers, brands will have to create new advertising formats to adapt to the new demands. In addition, these devices will help the implementation of more podcast formats , a format that is in a strong growth phase. One proof of this is that many companies are already using them for their content.

In such a fast-changing era, market innovations are often the first to catch up. For this, positioning is very important .

Integration Of Smart Devices Into Routine

More and more people use smart speakers in their day-to-day lives, but still very few use them to make their purchases . But in the not too distant future, this data promises to change and take over a large part of the market, reaching users who will make their purchases more and more through a mobile device.

The integration of voice in smart home devices is a growing trend, as they are very useful and practical for a large number of tasks. However, at present, some consumers are concerned when using them in purchasing processes, for their fear of the loss of privacy and security of their data. Likewise, they are also worried about buying items that do not meet their expectations or making a mistake in the purchase.

Anyway, the prediction for Voice commerce is that it will take over methodical purchases, that is, those that are made repeatedly by some consumers. For example, we can refer to purchases already obtained in the past or purchases of basic needs.

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What Role Does The Logical Framework Approach Have In This Context?

The Logical Framework Approach is a management tool that can be of great help in developing this innovative concept. The EML tries to facilitate the conceptualization, planning, execution and consequent evaluation of new initiatives, programs or projects in any field.

The EML helps to structure the main elements of the initiative that is selected, especially paying special attention to the logical links between the inputs that are foreseen, the activities formulated and the results expected for that specific initiative.

Ultimately, this approach is highly recommended for New Project Management . This is due to the fact that it is a tool that improves the quality of any project, significantly improving the planning, analysis and communication of these so that in the future the expected results are achieved and also, they can be measured.

It is a good bet for the future of the e – commerce and to encourage new initiatives that promise to revolutionize the world of eCommerce and change the ways we have today to consume products and services.

Voice Commerce Success Stories And Company Examples

Things are changing and evolving a lot in recent years, and all with the aim of improving the lives of customers and making things much easier for them. Amazon is one of the companies that is making these changes and is pioneering many of the innovations that are being implemented.

Currently, it is testing drones to make life easier for its consumers by using them to send packages long-distance and safely. The drones will be able to fly 16 kilometers and, in addition, transport packages of about two and a half kilos, which would represent almost a third of the orders it receives on its website.

Other large companies also have optimistic challenges and promise to launch strategies that direct their efforts and budgets to capture the attention of an increasingly demanding and informed consumer. It is a challenge that is difficult to achieve due to the large amount of information received and the varied offer that each person has.

Innovation and creativity play a fundamental role in developing businesses that are successful and that can differentiate themselves from the rest with creative strategies, prioritizing advances that manage to improve, above all, customer service.

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The Present Of Shopping Is ECommerce, Will Voice Commerce Be Your Future?

The ecommerce goes uphill and with no intention of slowing. From now until 2023, a 38% increase in e-commerce revenue is expected, according to Statista Digital Market Outlook.

By 2020, trends such as the proliferation and improvement of chatbots , the integration between physical and digital environments, the takeoff of voice shopping or Voice commerce, and the use of augmented and virtual reality are expected to emerge . All these challenges are focused on optimizing the user experience and making websites much closer and more interactive pages, thus creating a much more direct and trustworthy relationship with the consumer.

One of the goals of most companies is to make it easier for consumers to find the product or service they are looking for , since most of them know exactly what they want. Its main objective is to invest the least time and resources to find it, and that’s what big companies like Amazon take care of.

One of the aspects that shows that this could be the future is the advantage that electronic commerce provides to buy, since it allows price comparisons, making each user get what they are looking for at the price that suits them best. For many, being able to save money on the purchase of goods is a decisive factor when buying one product or another. Excellence is increasingly sought, as well as the highest demands and much faster and more flexible delivery methods.

Finally, to affirm that there are already many users of different voice assistants on their mobile phones in several European countries and an increase in the commitment to virtual assistants and voice searches is being appreciated . This fact leaves evidence that Voice commerce and its adaptation to current needs will play a fundamental role in the future.

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