Top 4 SEO Trends for 2020

What better time than the beginning of the year to talk about the trends that will set the guidelines to follow for all of us who do SEO. Today we are going to talk to you about the main positioning trends for this 2020.

We assume that you already know what SEO is, but since memory plays tricks on us, let’s remember it. They are the initials of the term Search Engine Optimization, which refers to the set of techniques that aim to optimize the positioning of our website in search engines.

As every year, in the Search Engine Journal, they have published a research carried out by 58 SEO experts in which they talk about the trends that will mark the way forward this year. We have analyzed this study and we bring you the main conclusions on these trends.

1. User-Oriented Optimization

But for this 2020 we must prioritize optimization for the user, since thanks to BERT (Google’s open-source neural network) it can process the language naturally, it is no longer based on keyword matches. Highlighting the importance of clean architecture and content, priority must be given to what users are looking for more than their search intention.

2. High Quality And Optimized Content

It is essential that the content we write is relevant and of value to our users, that is, that SEO workers must know how to write or hire professionals through guest blogging services who know how to do it. This type of content allows you to compete effectively on long tails keywords.

The long tail of a keyword is the set of unimportant keywords related to that keyword. In other words, they are those more specific terms that attract less traffic to our website.

Regarding the contents that are already published, you have to analyze them carefully in order to optimize them as much as required, so that Google does not penalize you.

3. Reputation Of Your Brand

Difficult times are ahead for those companies that have a bad brand reputation. Not only generated by bad reviews and comments, but also by technical and security problems you have on your website.

4. Mobile SEO

That mobile optimization is important is nothing new, but the reality for this 2020 goes further. When designing a website, it is necessary to start with the mobile version (always mobile-first) and then adapt it to desktop mode. Doing it this way ensures that you don’t have to optimize the speed of your site after it is published.

What do you think of these SEO trends for this 2020? It is true that this study does nothing more than affirm the objective that Google has for a long time, to give all importance to content and user experience, which is what really matters to Internet users.

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