TONOR T20 Mic Arm Stand (Complete Review)

Besides, the game’s streams or games are essential, a good microphone to have, with your system clear to experience. Most microphones have a short drive, the hard drive on the keyboard, and the microphone next to your keyboard, which provides an unobtrusive user interface as your system. Beide problems can be done through the processing of other microphone standards such as the T20 of TONOR.

Hardware Specifications

  1. Base rotation: 360 degrees
  2. Attachment thread: 3/8 inch (5/8 with adapter)
  3. Max arm height: 27.5 inches
  4. Max mic weight: 4 pounds
  5. Material: Steel
  6. Max deck thickness: 2.4 inches
  7. Weight: 1.8 pounds

Pros Of Toner T20

  1. Come with pop filter
  2. Outstanding bearing capacity. Max load: 4lbs/1.8kg
  3. High-cost performance
  4. Good compatibility, compatible with most microphones on the market
  5. Upgraded Desk Clamp, more stable than others, and integrated with an earphone hook.

Product Advantages

  1. Equipped with pop filter
  2. Outstanding bearing capacity, perfect for a heavy mic like YETI
  3. High cost-effective, cheaper than BLUE’s own mic stand products
  4. Upgraded Desk Clamp, more stable than others, and integrated with an earphone hook

Performance Of Toner T20

We find the TC20 fast and sturdy. It fits because I can finish the fix so that both microphones can point to the wrist coming out of my mouth. It works with the TC-777, small and up, and the Yeti, which is the largest and most suspended.

The TC20 is also solid with the constant options left in the area where I am currently instructed to clamp and remember the torn ones. TONOR claims the microphone stand as “let his microphone know its perfect position not to fall or fall”, and that’s what I said. In the three weeks, I’ve been following now, the TONOR T20 Mic Arm Stand has grown like a champ.

Final Verdict

The TONOR T20 is all we want in a microphone stand that is equally flexible and sturdy. Works well on TONOR TC-777 and works well on a Blue Yeti. I enjoyed this microphone stand on my game setup, and I hope it takes a long time. If you are looking for a hanging boom mic stand, I recommend looking at the TONOR T20.

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