7 Things To Consider When Buying Wireless Earbuds

So, you’re looking to buy some true wireless earphones, since everyone is buying one and you want to get in on the trend. Wireless earbud is the future. It’s no surprise, since they are aesthetically pleasing, practical and convenient.

However choosing the right in-ear, true wireless earbud, may get difficult and there are so many factors you have to consider you probably didn’t know about. So in this article, I aim to break down what you need to think about when buying your accessory for your mobile phone. I have listed the factors in order of precedence.

Earbuds Cost

Earbuds cost is a huge ingredient – you won’t be able to buy top of the range wireless technology with a small budget. Or one with a small battery density.

Therefore, buying earbuds might leave a scar in your pocket, but it’s worthwhile, if you want one that sounds refined, peeks your expectations, feels comforting, it’s almost certain that your pockets will be scarred.

The reason for this is that earbuds need good chips, etc. from Qualcomm or other companies. If you find one that is too cheap for what “it offers” – a black lie, it’s best if you stay away from those brands.

Earbuds Battery Life

A good battery life tends to lie between 3 – 5 hours between uses. Then you’ll find they need recharging, using the embedded battery inside the case, about 4 – 6 recharges on average. There are some earbuds that have more than 5 hours and you’ll find some with less.

Furthermore, some brands only show the data of how long the wireless earbuds last with recharging. Quite often, they are quoting data that works best in predefined conditions.


We’ve mentioned latency; because some find it a major issue with Bluetooth earphones.

Latency is defined as the short delay between an audio signal being sent and the time it takes for you to hear it. You won’t notice it when listening to music, but if you’re watching any videos on your latest iPad or the new iPhone.

You’ll certainly notice a delay. But apple and Sony have used technology called “AAC” to cut that to bare minimum. Make sure that the brand you’re looking at has a decent enough latency for you.

Design And Comfort

This is another important factor. You’re wanting to listen for enough hours, but you find the earbuds are irritative on the opening of your ear. Personally, I have experienced this – it doesn’t feel good.

Many brands now offer ways to customise your comfort, giving you a variety of tips or coatings to use with your wireless pair. It’s a good indication to go with companies that offer this feature. Trust me you won’t regret it.


Hmm, this word doesn’t sound familiar. A codec encodes or decodes digital information, like digital representations of sound. Regardless, it is essential you get the earbuds with the right one that your mobile phone understands. Otherwise, the instruments can sound distorted and plain.

For apple users, I recommend you go for the AAC models – it offers fantastic value. Nowadays, android phones have the latest version of Bluetooth audio codecs, including the Hi-Res aptX HD, which sounds spectacular.

If you don’t choose the right codec that your device supports, you’ll find you have wasted time and money.

Active Noise Cancelling

Earbuds with ANC have very small microphones that pick up outside sounds. Then, the earbuds produce the opposite sound wave to actively cancel out the unwanted noise. They do this in real-time. It’s not simple to implement and can certainly make the cost go up

If you’re like me, and despise background noise, then you’re going to want to remove that noise. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to get an earbud with ANC. Be careful though, some companies state that they have ANC but they really don’t. A good earbud with fantastic ANC is the Sony WF-1000XM3, the best in the industry.


This isn’t really that important unless you find your phone away from you or your running etc. Typically, wired headphones have buttons on the wire.

Most wired earphones have buttons on each bud. For example one bud could be used to lower the volume and the other to raise, another to skip the music or pause. The layout is sometimes determined by aesthetics over practicality.

On a few earbuds, finding the buttons on the earbuds can get quite difficult to find whilst in the ear. If you’re a person that likes to use the control by your fingers,it’s very easy to study the layout before you buy – so you can get a sense of where and maybe how it fits in the ear.


OK, so before you make a buy, go through my checklist so you’re diligent, making effective purchases.

Lastly, read reviews from consumers. So you can understand what it is like. It’s the best way to get a real verdict on what works and what doesn’t.

I’m sure you won’t make any regrettable decisions whilst making a purchase.

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