Tips To Avoid Viruses On Our Device

Computer viruses are a great plague that attacks our technological devices, whether they are computers, tablets, or mobile phones. These viruses make our infected device much slower and many of the functions stop working correctly.

The objective of this post is to give you tips to prevent your devices from falling into the hands of unwanted programs that make your new smartphone slow and heavy. Although you may have reached this post with your mobile device already infected, so your needs are to eliminate this virus to avoid possible problems with them.

What Is A Virus?

To begin I want to explain what a virus is.

A virus is a malicious program that performs operations on your device without you knowing anything about it.

Its form of propagation is the following, it is transmitted quickly by the equipment, taking advantage of equipment security problems. Generally though the internet or through files that you install on your computer and it immediately infects it. This causes devices to slow down and have malfunctioned.

You sound familiar? Exactly, this type of virus is very similar to the way the flu spreads, for example. In fact, its name of Virus is precise because of this fact.

What Can I Do To Avoid Getting A Virus?

To prevent a computer virus from being installed on your device from Secure Kids we recommend you follow these steps:

Install a trusted antivirus on the device: There are a wide variety of companies dedicated to virus protection. Many have free systems to prevent viruses, so you can install it on your device at no cost. Of course, ensure that this antivirus is complete and from an internationally recognized brand.

Don’t download files without knowing where they came from: Files are the most common systems that viruses have to spread. So if you want to download a file from the internet or from a pen drive, first make sure that this file does not contain any computer virus and that its creator is trustworthy.

Be careful what applications you install on your device: In recent years, applications have become the favorite system for cybercriminals to attack a mobile device. Therefore, you must be very careful with the applications you install. You can watch this Google Play Protect tutorial to verify the apps you install.

Keep the operating system always updated: This way you can prevent cybercriminals from using known vulnerabilities in systems to install viruses on your devices.

Be very careful with spam: Emails are an efficient and useful way to communicate with other people, but they also make problems possible, since anyone can send you a message, and have problems with it. Problems like Phishing or Spam make vulnerabilities exist with them. But you can avoid it, not opening strange or unsolicited emails. In addition, if any company asks you for information through emails, doubt and never open the links in the email, go to its official website or ask the company directly.

Use quality parental control: If you want to protect your children’s devices from problems such as viruses or malware in general. The best thing is to have a parental control system with which to limit access to websites of unknown reputation or limit access to applications that may be vulnerable.

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