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Next to the home page, the Team/About Us page is one of the most important and informative for a company’s customers. There is generally a sensory overload on the Internet, so users are often looking for a clearly structured About Us page that reflects the corporate culture of the startup in a well-structured way. The team page is there to create a connection between the company and the customer and to give the startup a face. Customers are currently extremely active in seeking information about the company, its vision and the culture it represents. Accordingly, the About Us page is often one of the first pages to be tackled in the building process of a website. However, it is often underestimated how difficult it can be to develop an innovative, to create an original and at the same time informative about-us page. After all, the result should stand out from that of the competition. It’s not just about the look, it’s also about the content. The About Us page should therefore always appropriately present the unique character of the startup.

The right design of the team page

Company history and vision

Without a doubt, the startup’s history and vision is paramount when it comes to a company’s About Us page. This page should always reflect the history and career of the company. There is a simple psychological reason for this: If the user gets to know the history and the faces behind a startup, the sympathy towards the company and its employees increases. Ideally, the customer can then sympathize with the company’s vision and mission and find purpose in supporting the startup. Accordingly, the vision, mission and goal of the company form the basic pillars of the story, which customers pick up where they meet your startup and encourage them to buy. It is particularly important to be authentic and transparent.

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The business model

An About Us page can always act as a unique selling point. It is all the more important to remember that the presentation of the team and the history of the company, subtle, should ultimately always serve to encourage the customer to buy. The customer should also be briefly informed about the company’s business model in order to increase transparency and convince new customers of the innovative business idea. This promotes trust and sympathy on the part of customers.

The team and the corporate culture

In order to create a connection to the customer, the faces behind the scenes are of enormous importance. Every brand needs a face, because sympathy is created for a real counterpart, not for an object. The introduction of the employees can be serious or casual as desired, the most important thing is that the design of both the content and the design match the rest of the homepage and the branding of the company. It’s also worth mentioning that an About Us page is perfect for showcasing the culture of the startup and how the team works together. Various media can be used here: photos, videos, illustrations, animations, etc. The most important thing is


Another important point that should be found on the company’s About Us page are testimonials. These promote trust in a company, increase credibility and ensure credibility with customers. Connections are everything and real people with real experiences who recommend the company are definitely helpful when it comes to positively influencing the purchase decision. The aim is to give the customer security in order to reduce the risk associated with a purchase.

7 valuable tips for designing the About Us page

In 7 tips, it should be summarized again what can be considered when designing an About Us page.

  • Authenticity and transparency ensure credibility and sympathy and trust in the eye of the beholder.
  • The vision, mission and goal of the company should be communicated.
  • Users should be informed about the values ​​and corporate culture of the startup.
  • Both the business model and the team should be presented and illustrated.
  • The customer should get an answer to the question why the website should be visited and ideally a transaction should be processed.
  • Overview, structure and simple usability are important points of reference when it comes to designing the site.
  • Obvious advertising should be avoided.

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