Startup Branding: 5 Relevant Trends

Marketing is not only extremely important in the founding process of a company, but throughout the entire life of a company. A brand is only attractive if it is well-executed in advertising and has the appropriate stimuli. This marketing process is also often referred to as branding. In this article you will learn everything about the 5 most relevant trends in startup branding.

Trend 1: Subscriptions

One of the most obvious marketing trends is offering subscriptions. More and more brands are offering subscriptions as part of their service, which offer their customers a certain added value that goes beyond the benefit of not having a subscription. Subscriptions are becoming increasingly important, especially in brand management. This may include, for example, subscriptions to newsletters, automatic, regular delivery of products or services or updates from the respective social networks. Opportunities are a dime a dozen here.

However, it should always be remembered: The goal is to bind a specific target group as closely as possible to the brand in order to increase sales and push branding.

Trend 2: Individualization

The second trend revolves around the keyword individualization. This also includes the personalization trend. This trend plays a relevant role, especially in the area of ​​product and service development, but also in the actual branding process.

Advertising is being tailored, adapted and personalized more and more individually to the target group and customers. Accordingly, branding measures and marketing campaigns are increasingly tailored to the target group concerned in order to consequently increase the sales quota. If customers feel personally addressed and individually selected, then the probability of a purchase increases at the same time. In this way, startups and companies can address their customers in an individual way and consequently stand out from the crowd.

Trend 3: Apps

In times of digitization, the third trend hardly seems surprising: Mobile, specially developed apps for the respective startups, as a branding measure. Here, however, the cost-benefit factor is a clear disadvantage, since certainly not every young startup has the necessary resources and capital to develop an app.

However, if the capital is not an obstacle for a start-up, a separate app in the branding process can open many doors that can be of great relevance in the later course of the company’s growth. First and foremost, however, one should always pay attention to the following: What added value can we offer our customers with such an app? What does the community gain from this and how does the company benefit from this marketing trend in the long term? The goal should be to get as many representatives of the target group as possible to download the app and use it as often as possible in everyday life.

Various branding trends can also be combined through the app. Subscriptions and additional added value can be activated exclusively for individual customers. You may be asked to refer additional subscribers and receive additional value in return. Either way, there are no limits to the imagination here.

Trend 4: Sustainability

Many people are probably aware that the concept of sustainability now stands for a clear, rapidly growing trend. Especially in the area of ​​branding, when it comes to designing a brand, the relevance of sustainability should not be underestimated. Since the topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important in society, startups should also check whether this topic is relevant for their target group. It should be noted here that sustainability is increasingly being viewed less as a unique selling proposition than as a basic prerequisite when it comes to evaluating a brand.

Accordingly, all companies should be aware of the fact that a branding process is particularly suitable not only for acquiring new customers and generating higher sales, but also for sending a message that clearly defines the value system and the characteristics of the company and displays them transparently.

Trend 5: Influencer Marketing

Last but not least, as social networks continue to play a major role in the branding and marketing process of companies, the trend towards influencer marketing should not be forgotten. In order to make use of the trend of influencer marketing, a certain presence of the company on the social networks is of course required. If this is the case, it can be a question of how exactly the marketing should take place via the influencers. Cooperation and partnerships in particular offer good opportunities for both parties to benefit from the cooperation. A lot can also be achieved via classic influencer marketing through mutual links and cooperative competitions.

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