B2B Influencer Marketing Trends To Be Aware Of In 2020

In the last few years, video marketing has become the primary mode of advertising and brand promotion among most companies around the world. A survey shows that 59% of B2B decision-makers prefer video over text content. So, although there are many facets to B2B marketing, video content marketing is the most widely used method.

So what is B2B marketing? What techniques should you follow that are prevalent in the year 2020? This article aims to detail some content generation and marketing methods you should be aware of to propel your company’s sales.

B2B Marketing: An Introduction

B2B marketing is a set of strategies to deliver valuable content to your target audience, who, in this case, are other businesses and not the end-users of your product or service. B2B customers are likely to have subject matter expertise on the product you are selling. So, they expect more detailed, technical content because your goal should be to build relationships with customers, not just entertain them.

B2B Marketing Hacks For You

1. Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Since your customers are people likely to be in the same field as you, showing some behind-the-scenes footage. This video can include instances from your production plant or assembly line or research labs where you can show people working on and testing the products. If your product is electronic, like a software application, you can do a screencast to exhibit the working of your software.

The idea behind this sort of a video is to make the customer understand the process from a technical standpoint, instead of just showcasing the final result as you would to an end-user.

2. Professional Quality

Whatever video you shoot, do it using professional equipment and hire a professional videographer, too, if you must. Your viewers are likely to be put off by poorly filmed or edited content, even if you have good results to show. According to this survey, 41% of marketing budgets were spent only on content in 2019.

You also have several software tools at your disposal to edit and enhance the video. If you are new to video marketing, you probably have questions like what is the best intro maker, what is the best editor, what sound mixer to use, and so on. A simple Google search will show you several software applications, out of which you can choose the best one (free or premium version) based on your requirements.

3. Picture Slideshows

What if you want to show snapshots of the development stages of the product but not the whole process? In such a case, picture slideshows are handy. Use slideshow makers to compile a photo montage of your team’s or product’s progress over a period to show the clients what you have achieved from where you started.

Additional elements like text captions help the viewer get more information about what they are seeing. Subtitles and text blocks are particularly useful if you share your content online on your company’s page or social media.

4. Innovative Video Methods

There is nothing wrong with the standard TV commercial segment, but to stand apart, you need to go the extra mile and invest in new modes of advertising. With the advancement in virtual reality, you should try to make your ads using simulation software so that the customer can get a “real” experience via a VR headset. The more a customer relates to and gets a feel for your product, the more likely it is that they will purchase or endorse it.

5. Superior Websites And Blogs

Sometimes, you want the customer to find you instead of you going to them. For this purpose, you should maintain well-designed websites and blogs which contain all the information you want a customer to know. The more time you can make a customer spend on your site, the more interested they will be in your services and products.

Template-based designs are popular now because they are attractive, customizable, and they reduce a significant burden in the website design process. You can share any relevant content, news, or opinions on your blogs or webpages. However, regular video content serves as a huge boost, since a website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video.

6. How Social Media Plays A Role

Although companies typically use social media platforms to target the end-users, B2B campaigns can also benefit from it, especially LinkedIn and Instagram marketing. Instagram encourages campaigns through IG stories and other videos and posts. There are many Instagram video editor apps you can employ to edit the video to make it more prominent in terms of SEO parameters.

7. Personalized Communication

Customer-centric marketing and personalization have become hot topics in the domain of marketing nowadays. The concept of personalization says that every customer is unique, and you need to use tailored marketing approaches for different types of customers. The rise of artificial intelligence and its applications in chatbots and the handling of large datasets have made personalization easier.

To implement personalization, your company should create the marketing content based on the synergies with the potential customer you are targeting. Then, the client can also understand your situation from a new perspective, which makes it more likely for them to convert an offer.

8. Promote A Call To Action

The final step of marketing is the most important: the call to action (CTA). Here is where the customer has been captivated by your video and wants to contact you for further details.

CTA usually involves contact information like the phone or helpdesk number, email address, social media pages, and office address. If customers can view the ad mobile interfaces, then add an option where they can directly send an email or call the number you have given.

Gear Up For Your Marketing Campaign

With these tools and techniques under your belt, you are ready to launch your next marketing campaign, which is powerful enough to convince all your potential clients. The power of video and the amount of video traffic today is such that it is no longer about making a good video. Your content needs to be the best that is out there.

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