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Two years ago, the social network Instagram included in its community rules the prohibition of artificial growth in exchange for money, that is, buying followers, likes, interactions, etc. And, it is that, what was a social network, with people and social objectives, is now a bag of false followers.

Since then the interest in detecting fake followers has continued to grow. As the social network has grown, it has become a little easier to discover these ‘fake followers’ , although they are very abundant.

That is why we give you 3 indicators so that you can identify fake followers on Instagram without the need for applications or programs.

3 Indicators to identify fake followers on Instagram

Just by looking at the beads, many things can be identified. A foolproof trick to notice the use of fake followers is the quality of the followers. These three indicators will help us to see this quality.

1. Little active or inactive followers

The type of followers of an account is probably the most scandalous indicator. If you enter an account and see their followers, look at these “red flags” or warning signs:

  • Many fans from Asian or Eastern countries.
  • Many followers without profile picture or description.
  • Many followers with strange names.
  • Followers who follow a lot of people with their account, but they hardly have any followers.
  • Followers who have no or very few posts.

2. Low engagement

One of the things that often annoys users a lot is when an account has many followers, but few likes or comments. Although it must be taken into account that the level of engagement allowed by the Instagram algorithm is limited and therefore an account with 50K followers will hardly have 50K likes.

  • If there are many followers and no likes: the followers are fake or at least inactive and disinterested.
  • If there are followers and there are likes, it is probably organic growth, although it does not have to be real all the time.

3. Growth rate

Finally, we have an indicator that draws attention to the naked eye. Fast growth rate.

If you have noticed that an account has experienced abnormal growth from one day to the next, it may be that:

  • That they are suddenly investing time and resources in their activity in this network.
  • They have bought followers.

If the followers are purchased and therefore fake, it is normal that the increase in these occurs at the time of purchase and that there is no further growth.

Although one of the most used techniques and that we cannot identify through this indicator are bots, which add followers progressively. In this case we would use the previous indicators, especially the activity of the followers.

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