SEO: Tags In Search Engine Optimization

An SEO strategy is based on the use of keywords. These come from the searches that users carry out in search engines every time they find specific information. The effort of companies is in deciphering which are the terms most used by users.

Once we have selected the keywords, other parameters within the article offer greater efficiency in search engine positioning. These are the tags that we enter in the website editor to define how we want to position ourselves on the Internet and what terms we want to be found. This search for keywords will be more effective with the help of an SEO agency.

How to use tags in SEO strategy

Website title

The title is what search engines look at first to determine search engine rankings. In it, we must include the selected keywords. Preferably, these keywords of the SEO strategy should be placed at the beginning of the phrase, which should not exceed approximately 65 characters.

Publication titles

The global title of the website is essential, but so are the titles of each of the publications that we include in it. Keywords are also the protagonists of these titles. Although we have more room to enter other terms, we also want to highlight search engine positioning.

Header titles

There are the H1 heading titles to define a page within the website, H2 titles for the subsections of the page, and H3 titles onwards to further divide the information. They are the titles that we use in the SEO strategy to make the internal communication of the web page more understandable. If we do not know how to differentiate them, we can go to an SEO agency.

Descriptive meta tags

It is a definition of the information included on the website. It serves to provide information to search engines and achieve good search engine positioning. It also serves as a summary of what users will find if they decide to access that information.

Meta keywords tags

It is a specific section of the website editor to enter the keywords of the SEO strategy selected together with an SEO agency. It is a more concise way of informing search engines of what terms we want to be related to.

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