Special Features Of Management Consulting For Digital Transformation

The consulting firms for digital transformation have their sights firmly set on the future. They have developed in the course of the transformation of the traditional economy into a digital one. We now want to consider the specificity of consulting for digital transformation in the age of digitization.

The emergence of the need

The development of the overall economy in the information age requires a transformation of organizations more than ever. The advent of big data technologies, fintech, machine learning, blockchain and many others has made companies aware of changes in business processes – and especially in management. This poses a new challenge for entrepreneurs to adapt to changes in new key values ​​and policies. In addition, they must be prepared to understand the new dynamics involved in creating competitive advantages and, last but not least, to acquire the skills of “digital” leadership. It makes sense to be accompanied on this path by specialists from consulting companies who meet the requirements of the modern digital environment.

Relationships between management consultancy and customers

The environment of a company is subject to dynamic changes. Experienced consultants can show ways and means of how a company should successfully face these challenges. And preferably not with a run-of-the-mill solution, but with an individual, tailor-made approach. Ideally in the form of a concrete partnership between consulting firms and customers.

A special feature of the consulting for digital transformation: You not only analyze the business processes of the company and propose concrete solutions, but also explore possible improvements and feel out new business areas. For a long time, the offerings of major management consultancies, such as McKinsey or Roland Berger, have included high-quality strategic services based on assessment and analysis for the most renowned companies in the world. A change can also be seen in this area, as the proportion of classic strategy solutions is steadily declining. Off-the-shelf solutions are no longer required, but rather creative solutions. Above all, however, preference is given to an active and concrete implementation of solutions.

Current developments in the industry

But it’s so much more than just a shift in consulting focus to advanced technologies. It’s a profound change, it’s a total digital transformation. “Consulting 4.0” is nothing less than a new era of management consulting. Defining strategic goals is only the first step on the way to the digital transformation of a company.

These peculiarities of consulting work are revolutionary because they radically change the nature of consulting. With the transition to Consulting 4.0, consultants are not just consultants, but full competent partners. As creators of new possibilities, they go far beyond proposing changes and implementing them.

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