Social Media Management With a Virtual Secretary

Social media management is currently one of the most important aspects of any company. Most people move through social networks, so it is a tool that companies must implement. Some of the main reasons are as follows.

  • Visibility and reach: Social networks are a showcase for companies. They allow you to become known and reach many people by showing the products and services offered.
  • Interaction and participation. As we already know, communication between company and client is essential. Social networks provide the possibility of communicating directly with clients or future clients. It is a two-way communication; that is, it allows interaction between both parties. The purpose is to resolve doubts and provide information and anything the client requires.
  • Brand image. Social networks allow you to create a differentiating brand image. It is a tool that shows a brand’s culture, values ​​and personality. Whether through videos, photos, messages, etc.
  • Information source. Social networks provide information about customers and the market in general. It is a way to know what the competition is like and what it does and, secondly, to know demographic data, trends, opinions and behaviours of users to understand their needs and offer them what they are looking for.
  • Promotion and sales. They are an effective platform to promote products, special offers and discounts. Allowing greater reach and, most importantly, direct sales.

The role of a virtual secretary in managing social networks

A virtual secretary is a very versatile professional. She is capable of wearing many hats, including social media management. How?

  • Strategic planning. They have the necessary knowledge to participate in strategic planning. Knows how to research trends and provide ideas. The planning tasks are setting objectives, identifying the target audience, developing a content strategy, and establishing a publication calendar.
  • Content creation and programming. Can help create and schedule content for social media. From writing to programming within the selected calendar.
  • Interaction and comment management. As a customer service specialist, you can maintain communication with social media users.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The virtual secretary can collect data and create reports on social media performance. For example, reach, engagement, followers, and conversions. So that the corresponding department can evaluate the strategy’s effectiveness and make the appropriate improvements.

Would the community manager be a virtual secretary?

The choice between a virtual secretary and a community manager depends on the company’s specific needs. The virtual secretary needs to become an expert in social media. However, it can fill some tasks at an affordable price without hiring someone solely for social media functions. A community manager is a specialized professional who knows the ins and outs and will theoretically offer better results.

A secretary can offer comprehensive management; that is, she can perform various tasks besides social media management. They are versatile professionals who are not only pigeonholed with one job. She can adapt to all circumstances and areas, from customer service to social media management, meeting planning, agenda, etc.

It can take care of many tasks, thus freeing up work for other departments.

For his part, the community manager, as we already mentioned, is specially trained for social networks. He has the knowledge to carry out marketing strategies with everything that entails (content creation, analysis, interaction, etc.). Being solely dedicated to social networks, the time invested in it is more significant, so the a priori results may be better.

In any case, the choice is up to the company and its needs. Some need an exclusive professional for networks, and others prefer a person capable of carrying out different tasks. It also depends on the budget. Companies that can afford it and want to can combine the hiring of professionals, virtual secretaries and community managers.

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