Security Tips For Online Payments

We are now doing more and more everyday things on the Internet. Shopping, playing, talking, learning and much more. But the topic of security must not be neglected. This is especially true when money flows. Here we reveal what is important for payments on the Internet and which security tips are really important.

Safe Shopping On The Internet

A large sub-area when it comes to payments on the Internet is the topic of shopping. There are many reasons why people shop online.

  • cheaper prices
  • wider range of products
  • comfortable
  • easy delivery
  • Comparison of products possible
  • Other buyers’ reviews
  • better product information
  • all products of a brand at a glance

There are therefore many reasons for buying online. However, it must be certain, because otherwise sensitive data is in danger and in the worst case scenario ends up in the hands of criminals. Anyone interested in shopping online should therefore know how to recognize fake shops .

These fraudulent sites have often combined some points that customers can watch out for. For example, is the website very noticeable and does it have any inconsistencies? If the domain is, for example, instead of just .de or .com, this is striking. Does the address not match the content?

When it comes to payment methods, fake shops with an extremely wide selection stand out. When it comes to the final conclusion, suddenly only prepayment is offered. A very clear sign!

Another sign could be a strikingly low price (although this can of course also be the case with reputable shops), but also false seals of approval, fake customer reviews or missing terms and conditions and imprint are indications.

Playing Safely On The Internet

Payments are also often made when playing. Be it purely a game purchase or through in-app purchases and extensions. Some games also require a subscription, which can also be bought online.

It is safest to always rely on the official provider. If it is World of Warcraft, then the developer company would be Blizzard. In their own WoW account, players can easily take out a monthly season ticket. So they are not dependent on buying WoW game time in possibly dubious shops. But also here applies: There are many good shops in which game time is sold and which players can also trust.

The above criteria show a little what is important when it comes to seriousness. If in doubt, it is also advisable to look for experiences. For example , if you do not know a particular casino software provider , you will find countless test reports on the Internet as to whether it is a good and secure company.

If a shop or a company uses a scam, this is usually also well documented on the Internet. Above all, the consumer advice center, but also independent sites, provide tips and information on this topic.

Why Security Is So Important With Online Payments

Whenever money flows, real or virtual, everyone should be vigilant. Even without the internet, there are many methods of fraud. On the internet, however, it is sometimes even easier for criminals.

If you are sure that you have not chosen a fake shop, you can access most payment methods almost without hesitation. Good shops only offer reliable and safe methods. The most common way to pay in Germany is by invoice, PayPal and credit card. Apart from that, many shops and companies also offer other methods.

Customers should always take care of their sensitive data. Only a part of the payment methods actually have to be passed on. The customer always has three options:

  • Forwarding the data to the shop (e.g. direct debit)
  • No transfer to the shop by using an intermediate service (e.g. PayPal)
  • no transfer to the shop or to an intermediate service (e.g. last name)

Experts advise you to always pass on as little data as possible . Of course, this does not mean that users have to or should pay cash on delivery. Instead, the option of working with a third-party company is particularly suitable.


PayPal is particularly well known. Customers create a free PayPal account, verify the account and then choose a credit card or direct debit. When buying in an online shop that also offers PayPal, the customer does not have to pass on any data. The shop only needs the address for shipping. Everything else is done through PayPal. Only PayPal has the sensitive data and only gives the online shop the confirmation that the payment has been made.


Another safe alternative is bank transfer. Here, however, the customer must have a little patience, since no payment is received directly. The shop only sends the order when the money is there. Depending on the bank, this may take a few days. After all, customers would not have to pass on sensitive data to any company in this case.

Cash Payment

The option to simply pay for the products ordered is still relatively new. For example, if you order from a shop that also has stores on site, you could collect and pay for the package there. It is sent directly from the warehouse to the nearest retail store. The customer has a certain period in which the parcel must be picked up and can pay directly on site without any sensitive data.

This method has not only established itself for companies, also in the private sector. Many sellers and buyers want to be on the safe side and offer, for example, only a cash payment on pickup on eBay. The object only changes hands when the money is there – and vice versa. Maximum security for both sides.

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