RPA As Part Of The Business Strategy

Technology RPA (Robotic Process Automation), has entered fully into companies to transform work processes. The robotization of processes is increasingly present in organizations, and it is that automation is one more step within the digital transformation of business and its path towards optimization.

The objective of adopting an RPA solution is to act at those points of the work cycles that generate the most load in terms of time and personnel, that is, the capacity of technology is used to streamline tasks and information management. It is, then, a mixed system between machines and humans; that is, the machines, in this case, software robots, are in charge of doing the work that humans do in a repetitive and manual way so that they can dedicate themselves to tasks of more value for the business.

RPA, Strategic Functionality

That is why when a company considers introducing RPA within its organization, it does so not only to optimize workflows within a specific area but as part of the business strategy, as a means to gain competitive advantage and evolve and increase business value.

We are going to answer the most frequent questions of our clients about RPA:

My Company Is Well Organized, Why Do I Need Software That Duplicates The Work?

A software robot does not come to replace jobs or duplicate them, but rather to optimize them. When a task is repetitive and involves a lot of execution time, the robotization software starts running in the background, allowing the worker to dedicate his day to other aspects that generate more value for the business.

To Install The Software I Don’t Need Outside Help

Automating processes is not only a matter of software installation, but it involves an important part of strategy and evaluation. Digitalization helps you with an RPA strategic consulting service and with all the previous work of analysis and selection of processes, as well as with the execution, maintenance, and monitoring of robotic processes. We have a qualified team in each area of ​​the process:

  • RPA Strategic Consulting: Analysis of business processes, feasibility studies, and construction of the RPA Business Case.
  • Solutions Architect: RPA solution design, process architecture, work management.
  • Infrastructure: Management of robotization tools, environments, and maintenance of robot parks.
  • Process Consulting: Survey of processes, tests, integration, and user training.
  • Development of processes.
  • Process maintenance: Monitoring, updates, corrective, and evolutionary.

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I Want To Install RPA Without Stopping The Activity In My Company

Perfect. When we introduce RPA into an area, we do so without interrupting the normal flow of processes. The installation of the robots is done in a non-intrusive way, without affecting the day-to-day of the workers and integrating with the rest of the systems.

In addition, at Nahitek Digital we have designed the FAST RPA methodology, especially focused on those companies that are starting out in the world of RPA and want to discover the advantages of robotization almost immediately.

I Will Not Understand Well How This Technology Works, It Seems Complex

RPA is easy to understand: we created a “virtual worker” or “robot” so that it can access information systems and/or work in the same way that a person would perform a task. The Nahitek Digital RPA team accompanies you throughout the process so that you can learn to work correctly with the new technology.

What Are The Advantages Of RPA? Is There Real Data?

All the relevant studies in the sector agree on the same thing: RPA brings important benefits for the business in the short term. By automating a process, workers are freed from performing certain tasks, so they have more time to devote to other types of jobs that require human intelligence. This increases your productivity, performance, and efficiency, which translates into a faster return on investment.

In addition, it also benefits in a higher quality of service, since robotic processes allow to increase the speed of response to a customer request, also speeding up the Time to Market and increasing consumer satisfaction.

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