Operational Marketing And Its Benefits For The Company

By definition, operational marketing refers to the means chosen to materialize in the field the objectives previously defined in the marketing strategy.

This is a short-term policy that follows and adapts to market developments. Operational marketing is in fact situated between the action which is constantly evolving on the ground and the marketing strategy which concerns general policy.

Operational marketing is subdivided into four distinct segments, also known as the “marketing mix”. These four complementary points make it possible to simplify decision-making related to marketing. The four main points, also called 4Ps of operational marketing are:

  • The product: This consists of setting up and carrying out a product strategy taking into account its design and characteristics.
  • The price: Its fixing is carried out according to the strategy. Its modification is thus the subject of a broad reflection. For example, it is possible to make discount coupons, make a promotion, lower the price at a given time.
  • Place or distribution: This is where the product is marketed. The place of the product on the shelves or in a distribution channel is the subject of a specific strategy.
  • Promotion: Positive communication in business plays a vital role in the sale of a product.

The operational marketing of the 5Cs

The operational marketing of the 5Cs is a segmentation aimed at increasing the exhaustiveness of the analysis and acting more effectively. This is to detail the characteristics of each item:

  • The Company: Knowing the company itself is its values
  • Collaborators: Distributors, suppliers and retailers, etc.
  • Competitors: Their marketing strategies (direct or indirect), their market shares, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  • Customers: Their expectations, their sources of information, their buying process – by impulse or by prudence
  • The Context: Clearly define the current context in relation to the implementation of the operational marketing action (Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.)

The advantages of operational marketing

Operational marketing emphasizes the role played by the market. The creation of a successful business enterprise is one of the main objectives of operational marketing. To optimize its product and service strategy, identifying the characteristics of the market: evolution, players, context, etc. is essential. The company could thus better adjust its offer according to a given market segmentation or rely on the brand strategy to broaden its field of action.

Decision making is informed. Operational marketing takes into account, among other things, the following points:

  • Cost forecasting and reframing
  • Total control and mastery of time
  • The opening of new practices
  • Establishment of a climate of trust among employees
  • Redevelopment of its customer area: make its customers the pillar of the company

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