Online Security: Digital Certifications And Two-factor Authentication

The issue of online security is an increasingly important issue for those involved in developing applications and digital platforms and, above all, for users.

Having to deal with a reliable and safe context has become fundamental and, with the same performance, the user will always prefer an activity that can provide him with greater peace of mind. Here are two of the most used systems to gain the trust of those who use platforms and applications: online certifications and two-factor authentication.

Digital Certifications: Security Passes Through Fundamental Requirements

How to ensure the reliability of a given service, site or application so that users who approach it for the first time are reassured and can interact with it safely? One of the most used methods is digital certifications: these are certificates issued by responsible bodies only after a careful examination of the activity that requires them.

Among the sectors most affected by these measures is that of online entertainment: to guarantee users there are, in fact, numerous security measures, including the ADM gaming license (formerly AAMS), capable of protecting various aspects of online gaming.

Digital certifications can also be strengthened by an analysis of the contents you are addressing: in addition to verified encryption and the presence of ADM licenses, it is also useful to consider other factors, including authority (reinforced by several factors, such as the year of creation), the presence of customer support channels and a large catalog of games to choose from.

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Two-factor Authentication: The Best Way To Guarantee Your Identity

More and more services in which the security of one’s online identity are a fundamental guarantee: think of home banking or all other activities that require a high level of security, such as access to sensitive and confidential personal data.

Accessing this information from your fixed or mobile devices is great convenient, but it presents risks if this is not done in full security. For this reason, most online services invite the user to enable two-factor authentication to guarantee safe and exclusive access.

This is a procedure based on a complete authentication system than the insertion of a password known by the user. It is, in fact, necessary to confirm one’s identity through a code received on one’s devices or with biometric identification (i.e., linked to characteristics unique physical features such as your fingerprints, iris or retina). Two-factor authentication is used by all major online accounts, such as Apple ID, Dropbox and PayPal, and social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Feeling safe before releasing your data is a fundamental need, and it will be increasingly so in the future. For this reason, the security measures relating to these activities will be increasingly precise and reliable, enriching with specific functions and guarantees.

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