Online Aptitude Tests: An Important Part Of The Hiring Process

In this pandemic situation when there is a complete lockdown in various parts of the world but still humans need to work because they have to earn their livelihood and take care of themselves as well as their family. Technology has played a very important role in this pandemic situation as it has let the people work from their homes with full safety. In this way, the trend of working from home came into being. Even the company needs to hire new staff, to undertake the process of hiring which is quite lengthy. The online aptitude test plays a very important role in the process. It makes the employees know more about the mental and educational level of the candidate that is applying for the job. And this test will help you to know whether to hire the candidate or not.

The online aptitude test means to test the capabilities of the candidate to perform the task that is required for the job profile he is applying in. with the help of technology, the companies have installed the software that will help to take this test via the internet. In this way, the employers can take the test of the candidates that are from any part of the globe. The tests are taken by using the online proctoring that makes sure that no candidate is involving any malpractices while appearing in the test. All these facilities are provided in the recruitment software. Once this system is installed in the company it will lighten up the burden of the human resources managers. As they have to find the most appropriate candidate for the job vacancy. Nowadays even the educational institutions and universities are also taking the help of this technology to conduct the online exams of the students of various classes.

These tests grade the candidate based on several traits he or she has. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Concentration: The candidate applying for the job must possess the ability to concentrate on the work and all the matters that are related to his job profile. He must have the ability to go into the minutest detail in the work assigned to him. This trait is mainly needed in the job that is into the record keeping. So that no error is maintained in recording the data.
  • Sharp memory: A person in an organization performs so many tasks. He must have a sharp memory so that he can perform the tasks with more accuracy. The candidate must have the ability to retain the information for a long period so that if anyone asks him a question about it he can answer them in detail. To analyze this trait of the candidate in the test he can be provided with the visual images and afterward they can be asked some questions related to it.
  • Speed in understanding responsibilities: The grasping power of the candidate matters a lot. He should have the ability to grasp the information that is related to the tasks that are being allotted to him. He can grasp things more easily and at a faster pace, he will be able to complete the tasks.
  • Logical reasoning: The aptitude test analyses the ability of logical reasoning. In this, the employers identify the trait of the candidate that how well he can solve any specific problem. The candidate can be put into or can be given any complex problem and he needs to provide with his judgment. On that judgment of the candidate, the employers evaluate his skills.
  • Verbal ability: The candidate can communicate both in written and oral manner. The ability of the candidate to speak in front of employees and express is viewpoint will be the basis of evaluation. This test can include the reading of the comprehensions, questions related to grammar, etc. in the oral test the candidates can be given a topic of discussion and everyone needs to represent their viewpoint.
  • Quantitative aptitude: This is the skill of the candidate that will allow him to understand and solve various complex numerical problems. It is the first demand of many of the organizations from their candidates that are applying for the job. The candidate must be clear about the questions related to BODMAS, percentages, compound interests, etc.
  • Decision making and problem-solving: This is the most important skill that the candidate must possess in him. The candidate must have problem-solving skills so that he can deal with the problem he is going through and also the decision making skill so that he can make the best decision to solve the problem.

The following are the benefits of the aptitude assessment test. Let’s have a look at them.

Increase productivity: it is the best possible way to predict the knowledge and skills that the candidate possesses. From this, the employer can evaluate the level of performance. In case there is a requirement of improvement, the candidate can be sent for any sort of training program.

  • Low turnover: These tests help to find out the right candidate for the right job. When the candidate is recruited for the right job position it will lead to higher efficiency in his work and job satisfaction. This way it will lead to a low turnover of the employees which reduces the cost of hiring new employees for the job.
  • Economical way of recruitment: conducting an online aptitude test is an economical way to recruit new employees with more efficiency and less time. Many organizations are engaged in this business of providing such services. The conducting of the test will surely lighten up the burden of human resource managers.

So it is very much understandable that without the online aptitude tests the hiring process is not complete. Various companies go with different types of aptitude tests. But in such a worst situation it is highly recommended to go with this technology so that the safety of both employer and candidate is maintained. Even it is very convenient for both of them.

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