5 Ways To Eliminate Paper In Human Resources

How can Human Resources teams guide their companies towards the future? Already tasked enough with cutting costs, downsizing, automating outdated processes, while maintaining high levels of productivity to support the business, HR teams. H H. they need the right tools to transform themselves into modern, strategic leaders of the organization.

With a document manager we manage to centralize the management through a single corporate repository that integrates the protection of information, its privacy and the efficiency of business processes.

Departments and their roles in eliminating paper


Hiring managers from each department begin the hiring process with a simple employee application form . These job applications will be stored centrally and the recruitment workflow will automatically manage communication between Human Resources staff , department managers and the applicant . All team members involved will be connected by a unified and digitized process.

Additionally, HR staff can create job postings, receive resumes, and automatically index them by profiles based on pre- defined skill sets. In addition, workflows can be used to submit applications for review, schedule interviews, and collect feedback from applicants. Interviews are conducted only with qualified candidates and those who do not meet a department’s needs will receive an email advising them of their status.

Once a candidate accepts the job, they will start the onboarding processes to ensure they follow company policy and start their career with the company in an organized manner.


The onboarding process begins as soon as an applicant accepts the job. From the electronic forms, the information of the new employees will be managed so that the hiring documents are completed correctly . Therefore, new employees no longer fill out multiple paper forms with repeated information.

Thanks to electronic forms, each department can capture all the required data in advance, at once. Thus, other incorporation documents are completed, such as tax forms, benefits and others.

An onboarding checklist can also be created with required tasks, including employment recognition, confidentiality agreements, distribution of employee handbooks, and initial training plans. Finally, thanks to an automated provisioning workflow, the employee can have all the necessary tools to start their job from day one.

Performance Management

When the set criteria are met , an automatic notification informs the manager and employee that it is time for a performance review. Both the creation and delivery of the employee evaluation and their response are monitored until completion. You can also customize performance appraisal templates and automatically set due dates while data is being captured and stored.

Termination of employees

When an employee leaves the company, the document manager launches an electronic termination form that includes all the necessary exit documents that must be signed . This form also lists all company property that needs to be returned. Automating this process ensures that nothing is lost and that the delinking process is completed without compromising company security.

Data Protection Compliance

It is possible to manage all the documents of Human Resources to comply with the privacy requirements and with the policy that the company has defined . Employee records are stored in a multi-level folder structure that differentiates access rights between human resources, managers, and employees. The document retention policy is applied automatically.

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