Metaverse – The New Reality?

What is the metaverse?

You’ve probably heard the term “metaverse” or “metaverse” more and more recently. But what does that actually mean? A metaverse is a digital environment in which all people who participate can move freely and lead a digital life. The participants get a virtual avatar that they can customize according to their own ideas.

In the digital parallel world you can not only meet new people, but also play games and work together.

Thus, a world would be imaginable in which one no longer goes to school or work, but meets other people from home as a digital avatar.

Who owns the Metaverse?

There are various tech companies that have already developed a Metaverse or are in the process of building a new one. This also includes the Metaverse, which is being developed by the US company “Meta”. “Meta” is the company behind social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

So metaverses are in the hands of big corporations that are interested in making as much money as possible. They achieve this through advertising on their platforms that adapts to your internet activities.

What do you need to take part in?

The new metaverses mostly require virtual reality (VR) glasses. However, these still cost several hundred euros, so entering the digital universe does not come cheap. Whether metaverses can spread in the future probably depends on whether VR glasses will soon become cheaper. Until then, it will probably remain something for technology fans.

The future for the Metaverse…

It seems unlikely that school will take place in the metaverse instead of the real world anytime soon. Whether you can learn better online has also been questionable since the lockdowns in the Corona pandemic.

Many experts also have concerns that privacy in the virtual realities of the Metaverse operators like Meta is not protected. The tech companies would get even more private data from us if free time and school or work played out in their metaverses.

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