Marketing Is Not Dead (And LinkedIn Knows It Perfectly)

2021 is certainly not going to be an easy year. The shadow of Covid-19 continues over the digital sector but, at the same time, numerous disciplines and professions are gaining importance. And the thing is, shouldn’t the commercial and growth efforts of companies be accompanied by a good marketing and communication strategy? That is why more and more digital professionals are being trained in these topics and organizations like LinkedIn offer many alternatives.

LinkedIn’s New Free Marketing Courses

The LinkedIn social network not only acts as a job search and networking platform but also makes multiple training tools available to users.

This is the case of LinkedIn Marketing Labs, a dedicated space dedicated to marketing training. In it, they offer various totally free courses related to this specialty.

For this reason, these courses are especially aimed at professionals in this field, from community managers to content creators and corporate communication managers.

Although, without a doubt, they can also be useful for other types of professionals who want to acquire notions about marketing, learn to manage campaigns on social networks, etc.

Some of the Keys to these Courses are:

  • There are several levels, from the most basic to courses for people who are already marketing experts and want to expand their knowledge.
  • They present a short and friendly format: their duration is approximately 45 minutes.
  • They bet on multimedia content, including different formats from text to video.
  • They address different topics such as the creation of campaigns on LinkedIn, lead generation, brand recognition, reporting, and advertising analytics …

The courses are already available to millions of users here. Do you dare to try them? What e-learning platforms have you been training on lately?

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