5 Trends That Will Mark Social Media Marketing Actions In 2021

What will marketers have to work on in social media marketing in 2021? In the year that is about to begin, they will have to continue many of the great challenges posed in 2020.

The Social Media Trends study prepared by Hootsuite analyzes what brands should focus their resources and efforts on. The five transversal trends that will mark social media marketing actions in the coming months are:

The Race For ROI

The crisis derived from the pandemic has brought with its budget cuts and economic recession, therefore, the pressure from companies to demonstrate in what and why the budget is invested is even greater. 73% of those surveyed indicate that “increasing the acquisition of new consumers” is what they most look for on social networks. In 2020 they were only 46%. Only 23% of those surveyed indicate that improving customer experience is a key element to achieve.

However, the study highlights that, along with ROI, other aspects of great importance must be addressed, such as customer experience and aspects that contribute to creating and reinforcing the brand image.

Brands Must Find Their Place In Conversations

Finding the ideal time to interact on social networks is essential to impact the user in a positive way. The excessive use of brand advertising on social networks or the intervention in a conversation in an abrupt way and in which it is not very relevant weighs down the brand image.

Thus, brands must not only learn what to say but also when to say it. “By 2021, the smartest brands will understand where they fit in the lives of consumers on social media,” the report’s findings point out.

Connect With The Baby Boomers Generation

Users belonging to the generation of ‘baby boomers’ spend more and more time on the internet, social networks and make use of eCommerce. They have become a digital market with great potential and therefore, companies include them in their social media marketing strategy.

According to the study, Facebook will be a prominent platform to connect with them. Doing a good job of segmentation will allow you to continue reaching the younger generations, but also the older ones.

Engagement And Identity

The data that is used to measure the success or failure of a company has become much more complex. As explained in the study’s conclusions, a Hootsuite analysis had pointed out that 54% of marketers do not trust their followers on social networks to be more valuable consumers than those who do not follow them and do not connect with them on social media.

This occurs because, as they explain when they interact on social networks, it is not known if they respond to a usual consumer, someone who has a problem with the brand.

For this reason, brands need to know who they talk to adjust how they connect with the user. It is more important than ever to integrate social data with other data sources to achieve a much deeper and broader profiling of consumers.

Brand Principles And Purposes

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of companies having clear brand values ​​and purposes. However, according to the analysis, these values ​​must be established and begin to be implemented by the company’s management.

Social marketing will be an echo of what is done, an element that helps make them visible, but the values ​​must begin in the management of the company itself. They must be business decisions. Thus, the study emphasizes that becoming a company with principles and values ​​”is not something that can simply be imitated on social networks.”

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