Managing Effective Teams: The Key To Achieving It

The high level of competition that companies face on a daily basis has created the need to invest in human capital, mainly by training it and carrying out proper management of effective teams. But… How should this learning be conceived? Through training and personal development . Over the years, its meaning has changed until it reached the approach we know today: an educational process with a common goal aimed at ensuring that the members of a team, whatever their level in the company hierarchy, , develop those attitudes and skills that will benefit themselves and the company.

Characteristics of effective work teams

This is how some human resources experts explain the differences between training and development: while the former thinks about the present, the latter focuses on the future. But, obviously, both concepts are characterized by having associated certain distinctives:

  • The training meets an immediate challenge and teaches in a short period of time. The development is proposed with a strategy for several months or years, so that the results are obtained over a period of time.
  • Implementation. If training focuses on training an individual for a particular job, development emphasizes building a successful career path.
  • For training, very specific objectives are set, but when we talk about development, the objectives are broader and more abstract, such as changing habits or issues related to philosophical issues.
  • While training is often delivered in a group setting, development requires extensive customization.

Conditions for work teams to be effective

Those responsible for HR must take into account certain aspects when preparing training and personal development plans, such as perseverance , since the training of employees must be continuous; technology and innovation to always be up to date ; and personalization and focus. There are several types of training and development of people that can be applied within a company in order to achieve the desired results, both personally and professionally. What we call “being successful”:

  • Organizational training: The objective is to better organize the strategies used and optimize the results, through conferences, workshops or even online courses.
  • Assertive communication: Knowing how to converse in a clear, objective and respectful manner is essential to create a pleasant environment that encourages interaction and the exchange of knowledge between people.
  • Leadership Training: It helps leaders hone their people, conflict, and time management skills, goal management, and critical thinking.
  • Motivational training: Problems with co-workers or bosses, monotonous activities, lack of identification with the functions we perform and little prospect of growth are some of the reasons why we get discouraged and our productivity drops. In this case, the ideal is to implement motivational training programs in the teams.
  • Development of skills and social skills: The first thing is to detect what are the skills and abilities necessary to perform our function. And, later, locate the individual competencies that already work to find the ones that we are missing.
  • Corporate coaching: With the use of this technique, individual and collective development is sought, with the focus on improving results.

Motivated employees, who are recognized as part of the company, are more likely to achieve the expected results. The ‘ What Workers Want’ report reveals that 3 out of 4 employees are not currently motivated by their work and are considering a change. Therefore, an adequate development and training program can only provide benefits such as increased productivity, attraction of better talent and development of new leaders, facilitating autonomy and self-confidence, promoting communication and reducing professional errors. And, by the way, we will be combating the constant rotation since it has been determined that it is too high.

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