Learn To Discover The Wi-Fi Password On Your Mobile Phone

We know that you cannot directly access the Wi-Fi password by selecting the network name on your phone. However, there are a few ways to solve this problem and you can see the network password connected to your smartphone. This is because once it is plugged in, you have access to the router, making it much easier to discover this data.

In short, see below how to find out the Wi-Fi password from your smartphone :

How To Find Out The Wi-Fi Password From Your Mobile Phone

The first way is to access the access key through the router.

With your mobile phone connected to the Wi-Fi network, access the Wi-Fi settings in the ” Settings ” menu of your mobile phone. If your smartphone is Android, you can find them on the network list. When you open it, click the name of the network you want to open. You will see a link just below the words ” router ” or ” manage router “.

Now, if your phone is iPhone, go to the menu ” Settings > Wi-Fi ” and tap on the name of the network that is connected. The address is next to the ” router “.

Then click the link or paste it into the address bar of your smartphone’s browser. The router configuration page will open. Username and password authentication will be required. Typically, the username is “admin” or space may be left blank. The password varies between « admin «, « password «, « 1234 » or the last digits of the ID of your router. It may also be blank depending on the device. You will have to try all the combinations. Try the following:

  • User: admin -Password: blank password
  • User: admin – Password: admin
  • User: admin – Password: 1234
  • User: Admin – Password: Admin
  • User: Admin – Password: blank password
  • User: blank user – Password: blank password

Once you can access the Wi-Fi network setup page, look for the ” wireless ” option. Then access the “local network” or “primary network” menu. On some models, simply click on the ” wireless settings ” option.

Then look for the “Pre-shared key” field and see the password you entered. If it is hidden, click on « Show password «. If your modem is a TP-Link modem, you can see the password in the wireless configuration itself.

How To Find Out The Wi-Fi Password Through The LastPass App

  • For those who want to try another alternative, it is also possible to discover the Wi-Fi password through the LastPass application, a kind of «password safe» that registers all the passwords previously used in the Wi-Fi networks that have been connected to your smartphone.
  • First, download the application to your smartphone through the App Store or Google Play.
  • Once downloaded, tap the three bars located in the upper left corner of the application. Then press “secure notes” and select the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to know the password for.
  • The security key is found in the ” Password ” field.
  • Ready! Through these two tutorials, you can find out the password of the Wi-Fi network that is currently connected to your smartphone or that you have ever used.
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