IoT Devices In The Business Environment

The devices of the Internet of Things, from the English Internet of Things or IoT, are here to stay, not only in the industrial or domestic sphere but also in the business world. Regardless of the company’s size, these devices can facilitate many of the routine tasks or provide more information on elements that we could not otherwise obtain.

The variety of this type of device is very heterogeneous. We can find actuators, sensors, vehicles, medical implants, virtual assistants, and like all technology, it requires an apprenticeship. If it is not used correctly and safely, it can entail risks, whether due to improper use, configuration problems, lack of maintenance or incorrect installation of the device.

How can enterprise IoT device policy help you?

We have developed a security policy to safely use the IoT devices deployed both inside and outside the company. In this way, we minimize the exposure surface that cybercriminals could use.

To reinforce the security of these devices, we show you some basic and advanced guidelines to establish the security measures related to the installation, management and use of IoT devices in companies and organizations.

Risks associated with IoT devices

Implementation errors are one of the main failures when deploying IoT devices in the organization. It is widespread that they are directly connected to the company network, and the factory default settings and credentials are maintained, allowing cybercriminals to use them as a gateway.

An incorrect configuration of the communications of the IoT devices could allow third parties to access the transmitted information, and if it is sensitive information, it can be critical. Therefore, it is advisable to encrypt communications.

Like any device, updates are a fundamental pillar for maintaining the security of IoT devices, and by extension, of the company. Not including these devices in an updated policy in our Security Master Plan involves a series of risks.

The risks must be analyzed based on where the IoT devices are deployed to avoid any possible security incident. For example, a device in a crowded area and accessible could be manipulated by a malicious actor. Another example is a device that is deployed outside the company environment. Because the climatic conditions of its environment were not considered, it may incur failures or even the loss of the device.

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