Is There Any Scientific Way To Improve Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery

Winning a lottery is synonymous with having good luck. Anyone who hits the jackpot considers oneself fortunate, and why shouldn’t they? Money is power in today’s world, and power is everything. If you doubt this, you must check out how Lottoland explores picking lottery numbers.

It can be established that the hype around winning a lottery is real. However, it might not be having everything to do with luck. Of course, fate comes into play, but you must not leave everything up to it. One must not aspire for success without willing to work for it.

What we are saying here is, you must be willing to put in some sort of effort to increase your chances of winning. That brings us to the fact that you have some kind of control over it.

Winning a lottery is not entirely luck-based, and there are little tricks that one can call scientific.

Science is anything that requires you to put your mind into it and is supported by logic. Let’s have a look at some scientific ways that can improve your chances of winning a lottery.

Trust Your Lucky Numbers Like Lottoland Explores Picking Lottery Numbers

Yes, the first point does not have a whole lot to do with science, but it feels satisfactory to self. So, make yourself happy and pick a number that you find lucky for yourself. This works very well on the jackpot.

Pick Numbers Over 31

Did you know that a lot of people tend to buy a ticket under the number 31? This is because all of these numbers can potentially be a date.

This date is close to them because something of importance happened on that day, probably a birthday or an anniversary. Lottery companies know this habit of people as well.

So, you must pick numbers over 31. This will increase your chances of winning a lottery.

Lottery Syndicates Will Help

Let us assure you that you will never regret setting up a lottery syndicate with your friends and family that is only if you do it right. Doing this will only help you with the fund to invest in lottery tickets.

Also, there is enough data available on the internet to support the fact that a significant number of lottery winners belonged to some sort of syndicate. So, you can tell that it is only going to increase your chances of winning.

Also, sharing the prize with your friends and family will not be as bad as not winning one at all. So, think about it.

Some Numbers Win Repeatedly

We would like to accept that this point fails to make a mathematical reason, but there are specific numbers that win more often than the others. Similarly, there is one number – 13 that has been drawn the least amount of times internationally in major lotteries, of course. So, to use this trick, you will have to do some research.

Look up the most winning lottery numbers in recent years.

To help you out, we would like to mention the repeatedly winning numbers since 1994. They are –

  • 38
  • 23
  • 44
  • 33
  • 40
  • 30

Purchase Time Makes A Difference

If we are talking about scientific ways to increase your chances of winning a lottery, we need to have a look at numbers too. Now, these numbers can be used in the context of mathematics and statistics both.

Here, we are discussing the statistics which show that a significant number of jackpot winners bought their winning tickets on a Friday evening. What this says about Friday evenings is that they are a good time for you to buy your lottery tickets.

Also, people are not generally busy on a Friday evening. So, it is anyway a good idea to step out, spend some excellent time at a bar, and buy some lottery tickets on the way back home.

Certain Places Have More Winners

This point might come off as out-of-place in this list, but there are certain places that are home to an impressive number of lottery winners. If you want to hit the jackpot as well, don’t shy away from shifting to a new area.

Birmingham, Romford, and Dumfries are three such places that are proud to be the residences of some significant lottery winners.

There must be a reason behind the same for sure. Now we are not quite sure of what it is exactly, but at least we know that geographical location has a little if not a lot of impact on lottery results. You are free to take advantage of this little piece of information.

Don’t Spend More Than Decided

A lot of times, people surpass the budget they set aside for the lotteries. This is the moment when they forget that playing the lottery is not any different from gambling.

In fact, the lottery is a type of gambling too. So, keep a check on your lottery playing habits. If you get too indulged into it, your finances are going to be messed up. What will happen next would not be the type of lifestyle you had dreamt of.


If you win a lottery or a scratch card, enjoy your prize, don’t be eager to invest the money to buy another lottery ticket or scratch card. This can turn into an addiction soon, and you don’t want that to happen.

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