Best Apps To Listen To Music Without Internet Connection

Music is the best possible purchase, whether at home, on the street or anywhere, there is always a song for every moment. For music lovers today we have a series of options that allow us to listen to music in the most remote places, without advertising and without limits. The apps for listening to music offline are still very much alive and have not gone out of style.

There are still many users who have not gone to streaming, for various reasons, such as the sound quality or the possibilities they offer us. Nobody wants to lose their large music collections or prefer to get music from an alternative method to having to pay monthly payments.

The Offline Music Players You Need

So that you do not have to download various applications designed to listen to music on your mobile, I propose some of the best. A series of apps that are worth trying and we will not get surprises with abusive advertising or poor performance.

Shuttle Music Player

The first of these free apps from Shuttle Music Player, an offline music player that allows us to store all the music we want on our smartphone and listen to it from it. Personalization is one of the strengths of this app that has a variety of themes to adapt it to our liking or needs.

We find ourselves in a dark mode that will allow us to enjoy the dirt at night without our being resentful. Based on Google’s material design, he manages to make us feel really comfortable with his app. If you like to try and experiment, its equalizer will let you create authentic wonders of sound, adapting it to our most select tastes.

It also includes a combination with Last.FM, which will allow us to automatically connect and download the covers of thousands of discs without having to worry about it. In addition to allowing us to download the lyrics of the songs to sing with our smartphone and turn it into a real karaoke without an Internet connection.

Press Music Player

If you are one of those who are not content with enjoying music on your mobile phone, Press Music PlayerIt will allow you to connect it with Chromecast and Android Auto for free, so that your favourite rhythms go with you anywhere. Another feature that stands out is its design, where the animations give life to our use, preventing us from getting tired.

As we saw previously, we have several predesigned themes, so that we can change the style and we do not have to settle for the preset. As before, we can connect to Last.FM offering us some extras that will make our user experience more complete.

If you have a smartphone with little memory, possibly this option with only a 4MB weight is the ideal one to take advantage of the rest of the memory with your favourite songs and artists. To order and organize the songs you have all the control, allowing you to mark them, order them or group them according to your own interests.

Omnia Music Player

Are you looking for another low-weight alternative? Omina Music player has what a developer could want since a member of the XDA Developer forum has been in charge of presenting this complete app of less than 5MB in weight that does not include any advertising.

With a neat and clean interface, we focus on what is really important, the music that will make us enjoy and experience emotions through our mobile phone, with headphones or in the worst car when connected through Android Auto, in addition to Chromecast to take advantage to our television.

Compatible with all the audio formats you can imagine, it includes mp3, ape, aac, flac, opus, ogg, wav and a wide list. It has a 10-band equalizer and many others already established so that we only have to choose it and enjoy our music. You can not miss the connectivity with Last.FM that will make us enjoy the covers and other extras in the app.

Google Play Music

Although we can choose to buy songs and link them with our Google account, this app also has support to read all the audio files of the phone, for this reason, and its careful design we have included it among the best options that we can use.

Among its options is to include a sleep timer, in case we like to sleep listening to music and we do not want to wake up the next day without a battery. It has an extensive system of recognition of covers, which will allow us to enjoy them even if we have not purchased them directly on your platform.

Another great advantage is that it is already installed on many standard mobiles, so we only have to save our music on the smartphone and start enjoying it without the need to download another and take up more space.

Music Streaming Offline

For those who have a music account on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube Music, among others, we should not forget the function of downloading the songs. We cannot extract them from the mobile phone but they will allow us not to consume data and enjoy them in any situation. An alternative that may be more than enough for those who want to opt for a paid subscription.

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