How To Translate A Web Page In Google Chrome On Desktop or Mobile

Languages ​​are a great barrier when speaking and also when browsing the Internet. Luckily with our mobiles and computers, we have at our disposal countless options that help us to communicate or understand what others have written. The Google translator is one of the most popular and we want to teach you how to use it on any web page.

Although other translators are able to offer us very good results, the simplicity of using Google Translate makes it the ideal option for many. Do not complicate yourself again for not understanding a web page, we teach you all the methods to decipher them.

Methods To Translate Web Pages Like Magic

Before going on to know the methods that we can follow, we want to explain that we will start with the mobile, the device that we usually use. On mobile phones the options are various and the same will happen on the computer.

Furthermore, we must know that this will largely depend on the language we want to translate, for the time we must wait, for example with Chinese. There are languages ​​that have greater processing and therefore it is normal that the waiting time is longer.

A Quick Word on Human Website Translation Services

As we’ve mentioned languages that take longer to process, it is also worth noting that Google Translate’s accuracy does vary from language to language. Depending on the nature of your site, you may want to consider using human website translation services with trained and certified professional translators if 100% accuracy is your key driver. For example, if your website provides information to patients on how to take medicines, you’ll want to ensure that there’s not a single mistranslation across the entire site.

Translate Web Pages On Mobile With A Button

The easiest way to understand what you put on a web page is from the Google Chrome browser. This browser that we can download on Android and in iOS allows us to translate any language with just one button. To use it in many cases we should not do anything and it will automatically appear below a button indicating that it has been translated as we can see in the first image.

In other cases we will need to touch on options and then on translate, then the translation will be generated and we will be able to understand what it says in the text. In case the web page has not been translated correctly, we may encounter an error in detecting the language, although this does not usually happen.

From the options of the translate button at the bottom, we can discard the translations on the website, language or report the problem to change the translation language.

Use The Google Translator App On Web Pages

If we prefer, we can choose any browser without the need for Google and use the Google translator application that we can download at Android phones and also for iPhone. The process is also simple and works just as well as the previous one that we have known.

In this case, we will touch on the three points of the options and then in sharing, we will choose among all the apps that of the Google translator and instantly we will see the translated website. The process will also depend on the browser that we use, being able to find the position of the share button in another place.

Translate Web Pages Automatically On Your Computer

In case we are browsing from the computer with Google Chrome, the process of translating the pages will be very easy. Just like on mobile, everything is done automatically.

We just have to visit the website and the browser itself will translate it for us, indicating the language and giving us options such as changing the language or not translating this site again.

Use The Google Translator In Any Browser

Among all the browsers that we can have installed on our computer, there are many translation options, but google translate is the favourite for many. We can continue using it from any browser and the process is easier than you can imagine.

In many cases, we see how people copy paragraphs of text and take them to the google translator website. This method is useful in some necessary paragraph, but when we have to translate an entire website or we want to navigate without having to repeat this process all the time.

To do so, we will only copy the URL of the web that we need and paste it into the Google translator as if it were any text. Giving it to translate will take us to a tab where the translator will do its work and then we can have all the text.

At the top, we have the option of returning to the original text or changing the language of translation, all to achieve the best result.

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