How To Make A Website With WordPress Step By Step

WordPress is one of the most widely used content managers in the world. A system with which you can create from web pages to blogs, through online stores, forums, social networks, etc. Today we are going to learn how to make a website with WordPress and what are the essential steps you must take to do so.

WordPress is a free and open source system that is very easy to use. Through a very intuitive administration panel, you will be able to manage all the publications on your website. In addition, you will have endless options to customize the page and improve SEO positioning in search engines.

How to make a website with WordPress

If you want to take full advantage of having WordPress on your page , you just have to follow these steps to create your site. A system that will allow your page to grow at the same rate as your business and save you significant time and money. At Pullulart we help you create your website with WordPress in the most comfortable and simple way.

Initial definition of content

The content of a web page is the information that you are going to use to disseminate your products and services. Within this content, not only must the texts be included, but also the images, videos, forms, etc. It is very important, therefore, that you plan the content to include on your page within the overall strategy of your brand.

Keep in mind that the content will define the profile of your company and will position it in the search engines . The main objective is to try to respond to the needs of users. Thus, the content must be focused on the possible searches that users make in search engines.

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Domain name

The next step you must take if you want to know how to make a website with WordPress is to choose the domain of your page . The domain is the name given to a website so that users can identify it. Therefore, it must be unique and unrepeatable, since it will be the physical address of your website.

In this sense, you should choose a domain that is easy to write and with a short name. It is highly recommended that keywords from your website appear in said name, always avoiding the appearance of numbers and hyphens. Before your choice, you will have to verify that it is available and that it protects and builds your brand.

Hosting service

Hosting is the online hosting service that will allow you to publish on your website. It is, in reality, a space on a physical server where all the data and files that your page needs to function optimally are stored.

When choosing the hosting for your website with WordPress , it is very important that you take into account the budget you are going to have, the storage capacity and bandwidth of the hosting, its loading speed and optimization, the level of security that gives your website, the ease and configuration of use and technical support or customer help.

WordPress installation

Once you have decided which domain and hosting to include, the next step when it comes to how to make a website with WordPress is to install the content management system . Remember that it is a free and open source manager. You can install it manually or using an automatic installer offered by many hosting companies.

Choice of topics

WordPress themes are basically the visual aspect and design that your page will have. The theme you choose will be the one that represents your brand, hence the importance of choosing the most appropriate and the one that best identifies your business.

However, you should not only choose a suitable theme for its visual appearance. You should also keep in mind that these themes can slow down your page due to excess content. Make it known that the theme is the first impression that users will have of your website.

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